Rabbit stew with vegetables

Submitted by enr on 11 Sep 2009
rabbit 1
2 carrots
4 onions
2 peppers
250 g mushrooms
150 ml red wine
5 cloves garlic
500 g potatoes
3 tomatoes
4 tbsp flour
3 tsp red pepper, savory, parsley, black pepper, bay leaf
Rabbit stew with vegetables
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The rabbit is washed and cut into portions. Cut vegetables in large pieces. In a large pot put sunflower oil, enough to cover the bottom. Heat and put rabbit to fry. When the meat is removed gently turn pink and the same fat poured vegetables and mushrooms. When fried well, put paprika, stir and pour wine. Returns meat with vegetables and seasoning. When the wine boil off halfway up with water, enough to cover the meat. Allow to simmer on low heat. When the meat is ready, add the potatoes and 7-8 minutes later and grated tomatoes. Boil for another ten minutes. The flour is mixed with a little water until a smooth slurry and poured into a stew. Allow 1-2 minutes on the stove and the dish is removed. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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11 Sep 2009


I loved yahniykata, I hope you and to your delight. Try and then give comments!

usually cook rabbit with vegetables in a pressure cooker, but I have never put mushrooms. Thanks for the idea! I am sure that is incredibly delicious!

stew get excellent! Now, some details: it boiled meat before you fry it. Do not put red wine because I did not. I do not like mushrooms, so mushrooms quiz. Everything else I made the recipe and get a very tasty dish. Good luck!

yahniykta I did, but I had the mushroom, but I think it will become. Looks superb, well done :)

delicious and easy recipe. Changed only that boiled meat and broth obezkostih and used and also had no mushrooms, but I put plenty of peppers. Good for ilaq25. Remains firmly in Favorites.

It was very tasty.