Chili con carne with mushrooms and bacon

Submitted by enr on 08 Feb 2010
500 g beef
1 onion
1 pepper
2-4 cloves garlic
1 handful mushrooms
2 slices of bacon
400 g crushed canned tomatoes
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp Tabasco sauce
1 tsp chili powder, salt, pepper
400 g red beans canned
olive oil
Onion, pepper and garlic finely and fry in a pan with a little olive oil. Mushrooms and bacon also cut and add to the vegetables. When the onions begin to fry add the minced meat and stir to fragmentation of minced meat. When minced meat fry until light brown add the soy sauce, Tabasco sauce, spices, beans and tomatoes. Stir and let simmer, covered for not less. When the sauce starts to thicken trying to taste and if you need to add more salt and pepper. The dish is ready when the sauce is thickened. Serve with rice, bread, nachos chips or unadorned.
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08 Feb 2010