Stuffed carp St. Nicholas

Submitted by enr on 10 Nov 2008
1 carp (2-3 kg)
1 bunch celery leaves
slice celery root (200-300 g)
10 onions
1 cup sunflower oil
5-6 carrots
5-6 tomatoes
5-10 cloves of garlic
1 cup walnuts
1 bunch parsley
1-2 lemons
1 cup Water
Stuffed carp St. Nicholas
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Clean carp of scales, gills and viscera. Wash it with cold water, drained and seasoned with salt. In sunflower oil with a little salt and water put sliced ​​onions, carrots, cut into julienne and finally chopped tomatoes. Add chopped walnuts, peeled garlic, a lemon - peeled and sliced. Mix well all seasoned with salt. With the prepared stuffing is filled carp and sutured. Smeared with sunflower oil and put in a greased pan or stew. It is followed on slices of tomato and lemon, make 1 cup water and cook until browned. Serve with white wine.
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10 Nov 2008


This is true for carp Nikulden table! If left stuffing, put in the baking pan about carp. And after eating fish, everyone takes one bone that fits the icon to bring health and prosperity to all in the house.

Very good recipe. Bravo!

Bravo! Good idea for the holiday!

Wonderful stuffing - was very tasty. Cooked stuffed carp, about 2, 7 kg. I rub the inside of the fish with pepper before you fill it :)

My husband does not like stuffed carp, but this claim and further. Very tasty, congratulations zya great recipe.

I'm glad you liked it. I also personally do not eat stuffed fish, but this stuffing eat. Obviously do without fish :)

great old traditional recipe! Must be done at home ...

and I'm stuffed carp in this way, put a little raisin. Stuffing becomes incredibly delicious, but since we do not like many carp eating just her and the fish just try and finally remains. Maybe it will be tasty and other fish

At home we prefer marine fish, this year we will be St. Nicholas of bonito, still thinking whether to fill it in this way.

For the first time, do not carp dough, but I'm delighted with the result - great recipe! In the stuffing and basil added Tharos, raisins and mushrooms. When carp top is browned, carefully turned / my was about 1 300 kg /.

I've tried to stuffing to add a little rice

here's my 6 pound carp. For the first time I do, I put extra mushrooms. After dinner will report :)

Mmmmm, very nice! Stuffing has amazing taste, garlic and lemon feel equally, it is marvelous! I am very pleased! A bottle of white wine go :)

A little more me doide filling, but was vkusno..snimki and me ...

It was great, only swapped with parsley lovage, I put a little mushrooms and raisins. Will upload and photos. Again next year so I'll do it! Thanks for the great recipe!

Ha, how I did not write a comment here! Becomes really very nice, thank you! But, I do like it stuffed carp knife from the back and from there take out the insides. Stomach is elastic and collect more stuffing than if you fill from the belly, because so I can do stuff while inflates nice. Thus no need for sewing. ;) Well, we need a little more effort in porous, but worth it for most of the stuffing then. :)

bubi, thanks! It was very tasty. :)

It was tasty, but I was much water in the baking pan, without even put additional 1 h. H. How to cook the filling before filling the carp? Quite ready and thick you should be? I first make a full fish and I am not very clear. Furthermore, I do not know how many people have tried the recipe and nobody noticed that products have celery and parsley, and never wrote where put. I put in the stuffing celery with carrots and onion, and parsley stuck in the fridge because I did not think about it in haste. I think that the recipe requires some clarification. Taste not argue.

Nikulden carp celebration of my beloved husband Nicky! To me is alive and well!

Gerry, hello! :) I guess tomatoes you were watery. I use home - canned tomatoes were quite fleshy. It took longer to fry, to evaporate the water and to thicken. Celery and parsley put them in the stuffing. Sometimes you have to read between the lines (think of himself). ;) I climbed three photos. The first is after frying. The second was added with 1 cup water. Nevi or Paul did not have approved it, like the first one. My fault, not that I wrote a comment under the photo. Were almost identical. A third outcome. I wish you a nice day! :)

Bobby, thank you very much for the advice. I usually *read between the lines* but always prefer my written what to do.

satisfaction -very successful and tasty

Because wonder what to cook for St. Nicholas Day tomorrow will be better if someone answer my questions now. 10 onions is not it too much? celery and walnuts fry you? I do not know what flavor gives celery because they do not use. So if you missed it you will get the recipe? Carp guess bake in moderate oven without the foil because it is not specified?!?

stuffing produce it according to the size of the carp. I do otherwise without tomatoes only onions, walnuts, smoked breasts, but usually conform to the size of the carp and how much stuffing will take. Bake it with foil and when ready scoot foil and leave to brown, until golden.

Wonderful recipe! Happy St. Nicholas Day!