Appetizer with yoghurt and chilli

Submitted by enr on 28 Jun 2010
5 toasted chili
400 g yogurt
2 cloves garlic
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
Appetizer with yoghurt and chilli
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Toasted chili and garlic finely. In a small pan pour the oil and peppers and garlic fry 2-3 minutes. Withdraw from heat, transfer to fried peppers and garlic in a bowl and add yogurt. Mix by adding salt.
Very easy
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28 Jun 2010


It's great, if with sour cream more ... Abe yummy!

Thanks! We adore him home.

I love lyutichko and I think this recipe would be my favorite. Under *toasted* peppers to understand you a little baked (singed) as to change color?

I do not know if I kept just technology (Paiute and then parzhih. In the recipe word *toasted* I did not know how to interpret exactly), but it became better. Put sour cream and yogurt. Me personally I loved to taste, because milk seemed softened pungent. Thanks for the recipe.

are slightly singed peppers, and who loves you and toast them more. Milk really softens pungent. :) Glad you liked the recipe.

It is wonderful! While I do not parzhih peppers, became well again!

Nelly, thanks for the pictures. Glad you liked. :)

appetizer is great, and I add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

and I added grated cheese. Get well.

I added a little parsley for more vkusr was very tasty

Jufa, I'm glad that you liked it! :) Thanks for the great picture!