Savory sponge cake Pepolina

Submitted by enr on 16 Dec 2009
1 egg (if small 2)
1 cup ayran
50 ml sunflower oil
1-2 tbsp mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp sour cream
2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup diced sausage
1/2 cup diced cheese
Savory sponge cake Pepolina
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In a bowl mix the egg with a fork, Ira, mayonnaise, cream and the oil. In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking powder and salt. Combine the dry ingredients and the wet and mix. Add the sausage and cheese and stir gently to homogeneity. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured form (maybe in mono muffins) and bake at 165 C until a stick stuck into the cake came out dry.
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16 Dec 2009


Pepi, the cake was very successful, and most importantly very very tasty. And I put a little savory and parsley.

Desi really successful and delicious. I do not put spices, because my son frown of their fragrance and him do so chistichak and natural, without additives.

Cake to my taste! Be sure I will.

tillia, hope you like it.

I just got involved and it ate well - easy, tasty and fast! And on top and a few products. I had sour cream, so I increased a little mayonnaise and added 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt to it. Good for Pepolina!

Cath, I'm glad you Belo tasty.

It was a great breakfast

zlatina, I'm glad you liked the cake.

Pepi, and today I did. It was a great cake. Congratulations.

Desi, I'm glad you liked the cake. Prepare very quickly and very often, when I have not much time saves me in the morning for breakfast.

cruel delicious meals Try it!

Atanassova, I'm glad you were tasty.

I'll try it looks very tasty and really Pepi salvation ...

djena79 hope and taste appeal to you

Pepi, I did this cake, invite his long ... Well, it was great - my son said he could every day to eat this cake. I followed the recipe exactly, even dough smelled great, and then - baked - no words. I made pictures, but upload only those of uncut cake because others don work out, I shot late on artificial lighting. Next time I'll do a decent pictures, but there will be subsequent times, this is undeniable. Congratulations!

Give, I'm glad that cake you liked and son has been happily :) Your pictures are wonderful, do not get mad for them, but the picture itself does not make the recipe. The important thing to you is delicious and you like it. Thank you for the evaluation and credibility recipe :)

Today this is our breakfast. Added herbs and pepper mixture, but to me burst :(As pepolina said importantly, it is delicious! I loved it and I wonder if next time added mushroom what will happen :)

MANI, I'm glad you liked the cake :) And on Mushroom Men, why not, but if they are fresh you will need to pre pozadushat and pickled nice to squeeze the water does not become gletav . This is my opinion, but I think it will be a nice and fragrant cake :)

And I thought to stifle fresh parsley and add them to cool. Then he will say what you :)

MANI, will be happy to share the outcome :)

Wonderful recipe - all at home loved it. I added a little melted cheese and plain white.

Elti, you become a great cake! For melted Cheese I had not thought of it, and you give me a great idea. Thank you very much!

great cake! Quick, easy and delicious.

afroddittaa, thank you! Glad you liked the cake!

something I can not get in baking pans of muffins stuck to the paper barely unstick

afroddittaa, lest capsules themselves are not nice paper, because I've come across ones that stick.

I loved recipe to get a nice cake!

perunika, you did a great cake! Thank you for your trust!

This morning everyone was very pleased with the breakfast :)! Delicious cake!

nela111, I'm glad you liked the cake of all :) Thank you for your trust!

Awesome! Thanks for shared recipe!

DaniStef, I thank you for your trust!

gorgeous cake! Thanks for the great recipe!

renito, I am happy that this unassuming you liked the cake! Alive and well!

It was tasty, but a little sticky inside. Perhaps the stuffing was very. I put his cheese 200g, 100g and 100g olives roasted peppers.

gkostova04, and I became sticky is when the cheese is - and soft - wet. Obviously then it can be cured and the moisture remains inside the cake. I think next time ovalyam cheese itself in the flour and so to put it in the dough.

Now that I think can and peppers to you has become so wet inside.

pepolina, and I think it might be from the pod. The idea of ​​flour sounds good. Will probvyam next time.

gkostova04, hopefully with a meal to be prepared and baked in - well :)