Daisies of skinless sausages

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2012
2 skinless sausages
4 eggs
40-50 g cheese
Daisies of skinless sausages
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The skinless sausages are cut in half lengthwise, then make cuts but not until the end, so as not to break . Shape is a circle with a toothpick grip both ends. Clicks inside an egg and lightly brown, shortly before willingly put a piece of cheese and slightly doazapicha. The drought on baking paper to not stick or in a baking dish with non-stick coating.
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19 Feb 2012


Petya idea .. and super easy and delicious .. will try necessarily ... goes to Favorites

Bravo, Petya! Great idea for predstie.

The idea is very good! Bravo!

I saw this idea, but I do not remember from whom, the idea is not mine, but I liked the child much they enjoyed

Yes, great idea, here's how to interleave sausage-heart. All will remain mnoogo surprised. I will make them tomorrow.

Many liked the idea. Served on roasted peppers and tomatoes with garlic and cheese. There will be photos, but I have not took them down.

bravo, I HEMA time to decorate and I did the right things, so just put magadonz and this is

Very easy and impressive recipe - well done.

And this is a great idea for an appetizer! Too bad that I was only a daisy Photo (very quickly ate). I arrange them as bouquet.

and I wanted to like bouquet, but Nemanja nothing of arranging equally think hahha

Quick, tasty and beautiful :)

and joy to children

Quick, easy and delicious! Especially for the children is very attractive;-)

to my child very happy this

idea is great! Because I am a novice in cooking, will apologize for his question. I want to ask in the oven or pan prigotya and how doing so the egg can not leak outside sausages?

I do them in the oven

Thank you, you've made them correctly :) but I egg I leak outside sausages, what are you doing to prevent sagging.

put a little egg or opening itself to me is greater

I put a whole sausage and a thin pad of bread.

can make any improvizaiyy

flower made of fresh sausage and that was very tasty and spectacular. Very suitable recipe for guests.

I did it in the grill and it was great. Quick, tasty and effective. My husband was very pleased :)

Grilled I have not tried, but surely it is good

They are very tasty, quick easy and delicious, go to the favorite thanks for the recipe