Chocolate line

Submitted by enr on 29 May 2012
125 g soft butter
200 g of powdered sugar
4 eggs
100 g grated chocolate
200 ml milk
280 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
3 tbsp cocoa
2 vanilla
# For the cream:
300 ml cream
200 g chocolate
Chocolate line
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Beat fluffy cream the butter with the sugar. Add egg yolks one at a time, the grated chocolate and milk. Sift the flour together with thickeners, vanilla and cocoa. Add it to the butter mixture. Finally, carefully add the beaten egg whites. Brush with butter a rectangular shape cakes and sprinkle with flour. Pour the dough and bake the cake in a preheated 170C oven. Dough is quite quantity. In order not to inflate and splits much like a traditional cake I advise you to split it in two forms, or part of it to bake cakes. If after baking dough is cracked and uneven simply treating it as a necessary form curves cut parts. The objective is to look like a roll. I made two rolls of this amount of dough, but my breasts are small and shallow. Judge for yourself. For ganasha warm cream to boiling. Pull it from the heat and add the broken chocolate and vanilla. Stir until you get a smooth cream. If you love sweet use sweetened cream or add a little sugar to taste. Once the cream has cooled down slightly adhesion to him chocolate slices again arrange them in cakes form in which you bake. After the cake cool cut it into slices. Arrange them tightly in the form taking care to equal top. Leave for 30 minutes as in the refrigerator to harden the cream. Remove the roll of the form in an appropriate dish. Gently warm the rest of the cream and pour over warm roll. Garnish to your liking. Having cut the roll looks like filled with cream. When the cut piece cross visible bands Ghana. If you want to have a contrast can brush the bread with white buttercream.
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29 May 2012


I did roll in square baking dish / pan on the stove /. It was a base, which divided into three bands, each of which covered with chocolate Ghana and ordered one over the other, as the mixture is really pretty cake form. Get well and is quite vkusnooo ...!

It's chocolate that one can not do it :)

sounds very promising and chocolate - will necessarily try :)

Nelly looks amazing!

I like him a lot and lick!

Looks great, will surely try these days. Thanks for the recipe :)

Ganasha not beat with mixer become stiff cream, liquid and leave you (if I understand correctly)? Chocolate, which is placed in ponds - can he be black, I can benefit from this chocolate that led him to cook?

And I forgot to ask baking pan size what?

The size of the baking pan is 32/36 cm and chocolate which is placed in the swamps, I think it may be this cooking!

It was pretty good - full use cooking chocolate that even in swamps remained light pieces. Baked as nella111 whole cake in the pan on the oven, but apparently did not I cast well and became slightly wrong, but get the opposite effect - as if on purpose :) Next time I'll do it in two separate rolls into rectangular cakes. Master chefs will notice immediately clear that green leaves are only temporary decoration for the photograph and not for consumption :)

di_jar, looks great! Well, that reminded me of this chocolate temptation :)

di_iar, great photos! Apparently you received quite well, and I hope you and was delicious !! :)

:) but you say it will already be eaten - like a lot, but next time I'll do it with milk chocolate - I think it will get even better.

I am glad that you like and on the type of chocolate, I would advise to use two types of chocolate. Me personally, I really like the combination of natural and chocolate !! :)

Nelly, it is incredible! So is chocolate! Peko it in a rectangular cake form. Very rushed and cracked - but decided not to flatten (I think so and get better) :) Ganasha was not enough to rub and roll top (constantly tried it and fell dangerously) :), so I substituted it with molten liquid chocolate. It is great!

Girls' shame' is what these temptations! L ran me ... and I'm going granted. This Chocolate line've planned all the way to September. Your pictures are wonderful!

Bobby, do not put it off :) It's great!

Hey, girls, she recipe Yoli, that is nice, is nice, but what are these beauties, you create ?! :) Nelly, Dida, Reni - sincere congratulations! :)

Reni, compliments on the photos!


Ina, Pepi, Nelly, thanks :) I decided to decorate with fruit roll, but my passion for chocolate prevailed :)

great line of chocolate! Nelly, thanks for shared recipe! This time I halved the amount of products the latter must, with the exception of chocolate and cocoa. Cream in the same amount. Incredibly delicious cake, so is chocolate :)

Rennie, what are these beauties ...! :) Very well you received harmony! :) :) :)

Reni, with this line took my mind! :) Fantastic looks, but certainly tasty, will be made, but his turn comes.

Nelly, Villas, thanks :) Villas, do it at least for the third time. This is the favorite cake of my son (and not only him) asked him constantly :)