Salad Island

Submitted by enr on 09 Jan 2009
2-3 tomatoes
1 cucumber
feta cheese
olives pitted
3 wooden skewers
ornamental foliage - spring onions, lettuce or other of your choice
Salad Island
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Cut the tomatoes into slices and arrange on the plate. Mix the puree with the feta cheese, crumbled in large pieces and put some on tomatoes. Top put of cut of not very large cucumber. Again put tomato puree and again from the feta cheese and cucumber. Complete with puree and feta cheese. The olives are strung on skewers, top put greenery to become like a palm tree and pins in the middle.
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09 Jan 2009


Wonderful salad! I look forward to seeing her picture!

Maggie sent a photo but I hope to approve. You'll like it. It is very original.

Bravo Vesi, very original salad! :)

Oh very beautiful, bravo to you pity to spoil it! :)

Thank you girls. I am glad that you liked it. Instead puree can only cheese and cucumber to put between tomatoes. And quickly became.

Maleee, words are unnecessary!

Ehaaa great! Bravo for the idea!

Just no words! Awesome!

This is great. Bravo :)

Vesi Bravo! Great salad, my congratulations!

It is very interesting and impressive, congratulations.

ideological scary! Bravo!

Bravo! Not only beautiful, which is undisputed but is clearly and very tasty - tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and olives, a great combination!

You really are a goddess in the kitchen!

Super beautiful, easy to prepare, easy to serve! I had katak and mingled cheese with sour cream, superb taste. I offered it to guests and one of robbery tyazh only white. BABY, thank you for the wonderful ideas!

Vesi is currently spoil with your salad. Is a great and very effective. Congratulations!

Very glad that appeals to everyone, but not my salad. Just as I saw her, at first straight speechless, so I liked the layout of the salad and could not help but let her here. Still, thanks for the kind words, but my credit is just that I have shared with you.

olives can be green and otherwise very beautiful and delicious

Great idea. Bravo. Put it into favorites.

very cool this salad. if it little explanation how to attach zeleniykite wooden skewer.

pitted olives have holes at both ends, as wide as it was stone. There are inserted The green.

Another way - feather green onions cut lengthwise so as to become narrow bands at the bottom allowed a whole ringlet. it put on the top of the spit and sliced ​​strips hang and tuck. It can also be strung a few feathers over one another until the result is satisfactory.

thanks a lot for the info

great decoration!

This is not just cuisine, this is art! Besides a huge BRAVO, nothing else I can say ...

really looks very good. Today my husband's birthday and I e Ayah prepared. One big bravo to whoever thought to make it and upload to the site.

salad became STRAHOTNA, but the decoration, something happened :)

Very impressive and easy recipe for which I thank the author. I put a photo, but inadvertently left upside for which I apologize. If possible, let admins to correct my mistake. Thanks in advance.

spectacular and delicious! ! ! Thanks for the great idea!:-)

It seems very interesting and truly is very original. I know what a salad will surprise guests for his birthday.