The pita grandmother

Submitted by enr on 27 Dec 2008
1 egg
1 tbsp sunflower oil
7 tbsp yogurt
1 cup hot water
1/2 p. yeast dissolved in 1 cup Water
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
Spreadable fats - margarine or butter
yolk spreads
The pita grandmother
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Involved dough of all products and allow to rise. Divide into small balls, each ball is rolled out, dab with melted margarine and sunflower oil, put it on the second ball too boring and greased. Wound on a roll and twist, turn on snail and so on until run balls. Lining in an oiled dish remains are still to rise dab with yolk and bake.
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27 Dec 2008


Bravo donated! Very tasty cake !!!

Super is a wonderful look! :)

What are rolled dough? With flour or fat? Great is now I'm doing :)

this time I made buns, in this recipe

2 of them are decorated for grandmotherly day, given them health of my nephews

I love these cakes beautiful

not only with margarine sickening. Otherwise bread is not bad

Well, until you disgusting! But I sometimes put and mass. Depends on what you have in the fridge.

your fat mass is a difference of margarine

Thank you for the great recipe! I personally have made it for proshtapulnika his son in this beat for the first time! I enclose a picture :) I added and Cheese, get delicious bread is great, but had to leave plenty of places between snails that as rise and fought each other :)

What is the diameter of the baking pan and how small balls?

and how much flour put

as you take on me somewhere took a meal and a little less than half

several times already do the same recipe snacks instead asks. Just divide the dough into 3 peel them again daub fat (which I have) slice of triagalnitsi and put different content then roll up like buns and the result is great.

I did it, and were delighted with the result. It is very successful this recipe. The dough becomes and snacks will try and pastry, to see what will come, but otherwise is a sweetheart.

Darina, could not resist and again made it your recipe, but as snacks and with different fillings. It's great dough, do not know whether it will be for cakes, pizzas must-try !? Put a picture.

recipe was recorded in long ,, Favorites *.Came her turn.Is great !!!!

To put cheese stuffing. Very tasty.

tried the recipe and it was very nice and taste and appearance ..Thanks for the recipe!