Pot for two microwave

Submitted by enr on 19 Jan 2009
6 potatoes
3 jar of tomatoes
3 skinless sausages
1 onion
100 g feta cheese
100 g processed cheese
1 tbsp paprika, savory, cumin, black pepper
2 eggs
margarine spreads
Pot for two microwave
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Potatoes cut into cubes, the skinless sausages of rings, onions crescents. Place in a greased glass pan with margarine. Add and other products as the feta cheese is crushed and processed cheese cut into thin circles. Add spices and mix everything, pour about 100 ml water and put in a microwave oven for 25 minutes. Once the dish is ready, pour beaten eggs and return to the microwave for 2 minutes.
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19 Jan 2009


Bravo flowers. Very tasty a dish. And I often do this, but in the oven :)

It's great, and I do them in the oven!

easy and delicious

Tonight tvoyatya recipe prepared and was very tasty. Bravo!

I am glad that you like but with a baby of two months do not have much time to roll in the kitchen and I believe that there are others like me employed! :)

Very tasty and fast

I did not think I would make it but it became something amazing! Thank cveteto

I'm glad you like it eg_nikolova

And I have to put a lid?

Yes to cover both their rights and other pots

Quick and easy recipe. So I do gyuvechetata microwave and put whatever I have sausage and melted Cheese. Becomes wonder ...

I prepare the dish in silicone pots in the microwave. Do not add water if you use canned tomatoes. At the bottom of my dad and sliced ​​and roasted peppers, mushrooms ... well whatever is in the fridge :), and those children - plenty salamche. Even if you *artist* Last night a meatball or schnitzel - boldly add! The good news is that you can cook meals at once for all tastes - I'm vegetarian, my son does not eat tomatoes, vegetables, his girlfriend, daughter -gabi ... Cheese can and slice with paprika and a little masaltse becomes almost Shoppe. When you bump up the eggs leave the lids pootkrehnati, not sprayed. But in a conventional oven does not need.

Just ask for the recipe for two, i. E. For 2 servings, something I do not understand how it will fit 6 potatoes in 2 pots and even cubes, not to mention other products. As for the recipe, and I often do these pots, it is very convenient for himself a man who wants to do something warm and comforting within 30 minutes with the preparation of the products. I put gyuvechetata 11 minutes in mirovalnova 700 W without egg, and then take out casseroles, add egg and bake uncovered for another 6 min becomes great, and I told my recipe here in the site, who wants a different version can seek pots microwave

It depends on the size of gyuvechetata, maybe in a larger pot to do - just portion for two.

is exactly this reason it is nice to give products in cash and in weights, especially as such a relative sizes: 6 potatoes can be a total of 300 g or 600 g or 1 kg - depends on the potatoes. Must be borne in mind small potatoes, smaller egg.

I do it in Jena court is also visible in the image. If it were in separate pots would baptize him a pot for two. And all the products a matter of taste. Some may prefer a more potato sausage or more. I wrote my own way and that is

I have not eaten a delicious pot! Flowers, thanks for the recipe! Use fresh onions, cheese was my river and I added pickles. Disappeared in minutes :) Next time I think I put mushrooms and sprinkle with cheese.

I am glad that you liked the recipe mimoza784