Cream cakes Aliana

Submitted by enr on 07 May 2010
2 packages pudding for a total of 1 liter of milk
600 ml milk
200 g of sour cream, thick
180 g butter, room temperature
# For vanilla or cream version:
pudding or vanilla cream
4 tbsp caster sugar
# chocolate version:
chocolate pudding
5 tbsp sweet cocoa
200 g couverture, melted
# For caramel version:
caramel pudding
300 g liquid milk caramel - bought or prescription Гъст milk caramel - I type (Dulce de leche)
4 tbsp caster sugar
Cream cakes Aliana
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Pudding blurs in 100 ml cold milk, put it sugar as directed on the package. 500 ml milk to the boil, fuzzy pudding pour a trickle, boil and boil for at least 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cover with a tightly adherent foil, so as not to catch crust. Allow to cool to room temperature. Option vanilla or cream: The butter is mixed with 4 tbsp icing sugar until fluffy. Place a sour cream spoon in spoon, then pudding. Cream fights at the highest level in a doubling of volume. Option chocolate: The butter is mixed with 5 tbsp sweet cocoa. Place a sour cream spoon in spoon, then pudding. Cream fights at the highest level in a doubling of volume. Finally, pour the melted couverture, as not stop stirring until smooth mass. Option caramel: The butter is mixed with 4 tbsp icing sugar until fluffy. Place a sour cream spoon in spoon, then pudding. Cream fights at the highest level in a doubling of volume. Finally pour the liquid caramel, as not stop stirring until smooth mass. After the preparation of the cake, the cream needs 2-3 hours cooling to take to tighten. If use is sponge bases, they are dried so that the milk which is boiled pudding can be increased from 500 ml to 600 ml.
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07 May 2010


Rally, this cream is suitable for you spiral cake? And a stupid question, but to be sure: the quantity of the finished cream is enough for a cake, right? Family-size portions 10-12?

Since I I did a few times this cream, I can say that it is sufficient for a cake of 2 ponds, as put in - plenty of it. And as this happens you to spiral cake, I do not know :(, I think not, but let's say someone more knowledgable! :)

Mim, thanks for the reply. The amount of me is enough for 2 cakes of 26 cm diameter, dub first and second base, and third only is placed on top, without cream. Surely dub thinner ... For spiral cake - you have to let it sit one night, it is hard, covering is much more difficult, but it does not leak when coiling and straightening. Good luck and report! Incidentally - spiral cake I made and I today, obviously we're on the same wave & # 224; :)

Thank you both! I will report!

May quite delayed reporting;). Several times already make this cream, it became my favorite. I did it with margarine-80% fat, with German butter. Last time I did it with Bulgarian butter, and for the first time cross. I wonder if the reason was oil, it is a mixture of cow and margarine ...

Maybe this is, but I do not believe. More likely one of the ingredients have been cooler than others. It is very important that we all are at room temperature. I do not know how I missed to write this ... Perhaps because the cream appears in another recipe and there I have mentioned. Now write it here - to not cross the cream has all the ingredients are the same, toplostayna temperature - and cream and butter pudding and up the cold. Please admins to put it to the recipe.

Rally, thanks for the quick response! And to me it seemed that the cream (pudding) is colder than necessary, apparently in the kitchen was pretty cool. It seems this is my fault. In fact you wrote to room temperature in the recipe, but any that ?! I forgot to say that this cream is suitable for spiral cake, even if it is further cooled sufficiently thick.

This cream cakes must try! Thanks for the recipe, Rally! Looks delicious and easy cream :)

Very well get the cream with cream and pudding

I am happy that you like my cream :) I often use it in all its variations.

However, current flying vanilla (and cream) option. Not dare to dare to chocolate. Suggest what I can combine, fruit or nuts or what?

You can do it flavored with orange juice and a tablespoon of liqueur example. Or to put it roasted nuts or cherries or chopped macaroons and kisses.

For the cake I used two types of cream in cream version and combined with raspberries and chocolate outside. It is well received. Rally wonderful creams!

Mim, I'd be glad that you had success with lilies :) The cake is tempting, mmm!

Mimsi, very beautiful cake you create, bravo! And this cream in both versions is delicious! Rally, thanks for the recipe!

Hello, I would like to ask how sour cream is needed *for vanilla or cream option* ??Is the decoration (injection molding) of cake?

bebebe, in the products referred to 200g sour cream. So needed. As for injection molding see last two pictures are of my cakes with such cream (in two versions) and it :)

bebebe, mimsi you answered for me, for which I thank her :) is 200 g cream. I personally am not spraying, but when she says that is suitable, then it really is :) Good luck in the preparation!

Thank you very much !!Obviously I was distracted something that I have not seen the weight!

A picture of the cake with cream top cigar that you and doing anything in particular?

lilityyy, photos with cigar are uploaded by mimsi, which in the comments said that they changed anything, on the contrary, in comment 17, it confirms that the quantities of products are accurate :) spraying with chocolate version of the cream and I added in the last cake :)

Yes :) confirm unchanged is the cream!

Thank you very much! Will try it;)

Rally, the cake looks great! It is so beautiful, fresh and original with this decoration!

Blagpdarya Reni :) This is my second cake Linda Solovic :) It was for the silver wedding of a family with two daughters - both pink ovule :)

Amazing cakes with sugar dough ... I do not know how they are doing ... beautiful!

Mary Poppins, thank you for the compliment :)