Submitted by enr on 25 Feb 2009
450 g puff pastry
# Filling of your choice, here is a proposal:
1 skinless sausage
sausage 1
6-7 field mushrooms
1 onion
1 boiled egg
50-60 g cheese
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Chop the onion finely and stew in a little sunflower oil, water and salt. When soft add the sliced ​​sausage and mushrooms. When you stay fat allowed to cool. Puff pastry is put on floured board and gently roll. In the center pour in the mixture of pile length. Top grate finely egg and cheese grater. It becomes a crocodile, smeared with white (or yolk or sunflower oil and water with lemon juice). Eye - put black pepper, but is better with olives. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C until golden. The recipe from the Russian site is dough, but to me it is easier with puff pastry. It is good that the filling gives various options - peppers, pickles, spinach, leeks, etc. What I wrote is what I did. I'll post a link on the Russian site - dough from the site: 500 g of flour, 250 ml milk, 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 cube of yeast, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar.
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25 Feb 2009
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Bravo! I saw him this crocodile, very, very nice! I look forward to your picture!

This is the work of art was girls. This is great. I have no words. I saw the picture. But it is very difficult to make.

Desi, I so much time wondering whether to try it. Proved to be easy to make, but with puff pastry. Happened very quickly and easily.
You should try to convince the man.

Reni, and 2-3 years I'm going to do it, but do not decide. Bravo, Reni!

is very original, and I've seen a picture! Reni Bravo!

Reniiii .. you recommend ... and crocodiles ...; I will try it soon. BRAVO! BRAVO!

We wait and your photos!

Aaaauuuu look great, great idea, Reni bravo!

Reni, You have done great! Bravo! He's a nice crocodile! Looks very dear:-)

Reni straight left me breathless! You have done perfectly! :)

Very original!

Thanks for all the kind words! Maggie surprising to me is that I did from the first!

Reni, bravo! The result is great!

just was speechless ...

This is wonderful and I believe you will like it.

Here's a crocodile :) but I have not done it myself, unfortunately.

Very tasty became crocodile, and I think it kind of brought. Thank Reni!

Tarry, I'm glad that you did an excellent job! Will there be pictures?

Reni bravo very original!

Here centipede and snake :)

Vesi placed pictures of snake and centipede you?

Yes, Reni :). I found them in a Russian website and released them now here :)

I am very curious ... I can not wait!

I didst step by step how to do :) I think tomorrow will be able to see :)

How will wait until tomorrow ... deserted female curiosity ...

Reni, it is more about the snake and crocodile, you know it already, but are almost the same principle all.

Vesi, maybe had to let a separate recipe!

Well Reni ... only the shape is different. The dough is the same. Well let's have here :)

Thank Vg for lightning photos! Vesi, centipede is very sweet!

crocodile izkushpenie not bad!

Rennie, the turtle is great!

Reni great photos. Bravooo! Especially the one with the three turtles.

Turtle is super :) Looks like you did a small zoo :)

girls, and I like! They are from the same Russian website. Vesi, really became a zoo!

are great ...

wonderful Crocodile, Reni, well done, and I think to try Nako time, I have plenty of time scarp their favorites. hahaha :)

Girls You have done well! To favorites is, and I soon time will make a creature optional small. Bravoo!

Leleeeeeee! It has collected all fauna:-) BRAVO! Many are beautiful!

his gold :) Very interesting recipe, BRAVO!

Bravo for turtle

very original

Ve4e twice do the crocodile, the second time I have prepared 7 pc. but smaller for each guest at a time. Stuffing: onion, minced meat, carrots, parsley, boiled eggs, pickled krastavi4ki, tsarevi4ka. Homemade dough. The recipe is super.

bravo very cool turtle soon have cause and will try it

up my left eye in photos. Will surely try to do the 3 kostenurki- if you write how did the head. All three of 450g puff pastry you do?

tortoise is unique! Bravo!

is very beautiful and Sigourney is delicious ... but I like the prasentse..hihihi

Somebody copied page with the steps to decorate the crocodile? In the Russian site no longer see them, but I really want to have them ... So - if anyone has them, very please send them to me milena. koeva @ gmail. com! Thanks a lot!

Please put the link on the steps of this recipe. I can not find it. Thank you.

I found the site. If someone wants to send him. :)

little puny odrankrokodil get, but stuffed with ham and cheese was delicious. I did it very fast with puff testo, but the next will be a homemade :)