Curled layered cake ready bases

Submitted by enr on 21 Feb 2009
2-3 willing rectangular bases
500 ml pastry cream
# For the syrup:
100 g sugar
100 ml water
# To decorate:
100 g chocolate
Curled layered cake ready bases
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A syrup is prepared by caramelized sugar and then the water was added, allowed to boil for 5 minutes. The bases are cut into strips and syrupy. Stir the cream and smeared the bases. The first piece is rolled up and placed right on the tray, each successive wraps around first. The cake is coated on all sides with cream. Chocolate is diluted with 2 tbsp water in the microwave and decorate the cake. With cream make florets.
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21 Feb 2009


Looks great, bravo Donate

really looks great! A very simple in making - quick cake for people with little time! I decided to try!

Very nice and delicious cake, and on top and easy.

Bravo, and I do but on one another, and will try this.

A may rotate a white band, a band brown base and becomes interesting when cutting!

Cake is easy and quick to prepare and very tasty! I did it with milk cream and chocolate cream. Decked it with Easter decorations for the holiday :).

I call it *Barzachka* because it literally minutes.Barely syrup to not break the latter must in winding.Use 2 packages cream filled cakes Dr. Oetker, which crashed about 3 minuti.5 minutes for preparation, 5 minutes for winding ...Do not take more than 15 minutes and is impressive and allows for changes according to availability or taste ...Super recipe ...

Drakulita1, very beautiful performance and flames are great!