White chicken porridge

Submitted by enr on 27 Jul 2010
1 chicken
1 carrot
1 onion
piece of chervil (celery)
5 tbsp flour
3 cups chicken broth
60-70 g butter (sunflower oil)
100 g feta cheese (optional)
White chicken porridge
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The chicken is boiled with salt and aromatic roots. Flour bake in a dry container until golden. Add the butter, then pour the strained broth. Stir constantly until a smooth mixture. Tries of salt. When it boils, add the white meat, cut into pieces or choppy thread. Boil over very low heat for several minutes. Optional, in serving sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese. remaining strained broth and meat used for making other dishes.
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27 Jul 2010


Ina, with that chicken mess me back in time, when I was little. Every Saturday she was at the table with warm white bread. I love January Thank you for reminding me about it.

Yes, as I was little and I remember that quite often at home preparing this mess. Then do not like it very much, but now, as I still want to zauhae it. I have not eaten since (maybe) 10 years. You have to make it.

And I will continue with the nostalgic mood ... it is incredibly aromatic and delicious porridge, and served in this way, with this beautiful flower ... who can resist her. It's great. Bravo!

They are grandmothers - to remind of old, well-known but forgotten ways of preparing food!

as I call this little mess starch with meat and many hated it! Now I do my children and they love it! And sometimes put cube mushroom broth or less mushrooms.

Light and suitable for children, bravo!

It is suitable not only for children but also for *grown* ones. I not only *dear childhood memories* for this great mess, but current *performances*. Personally, I love her very much, my son also. Great *reminder* for me, I love cheese, is adding his in table (I had not thought of it). Congratulations to Ina !!!

I love this mess and I'm doing it regularly, but add 2-3 triangles melted cheese before removing from heat and mix dock melt - it ashte more delicious.

This proposal I liked. Melted cheese really will give an even better taste and aroma of the mess.

I really like such a mess. I make quite often. But I put 4-5 skalidki crushed garlic. And I istiskvam lemon after serving. If you do not worry about the garlic-try!

I also sometimes put garlic, but at home the other members of the family are not love. Swat my putting and paprika and made it a very fat. To which both like and is tasty, so must be done.

Maybe an egg to mix, to become a *rags*

favorite dish my childhood! Now often you do, add a few cloves of garlic at the end of cooking and pinch savory. My mother in law also puts paprika, but to me more like without him, lighter is.

comments like this - each added something to the recipe and it is enriched!