Pasta with creamy caramel

Submitted by enr on 23 Jan 2013
200 g cooked and drained macaroni
100 g of sugar to caramelize
500 ml milk
sugar 200 g of milk
3 eggs
vanilla 1
50 g butter
Pasta with creamy caramel
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Caramelize the sugar and pour in a suitable form, carefully placed previously cooked macaroni. The milk is warmed, it is added to the sugar and stirred to dissolve. Also add the beaten eggs and mix. Milk-egg mixture is poured carefully onto the pasta. Bake in a water bath until ready to creme caramel. The butter can be put in milk, maybe everything is put in the tray can be ordered from above, cut into pieces.
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23 Jan 2013


A great recipe! Did not understand where the oil is placed.

oil can in milk, maybe everything is put on top and pieces

I added more oil after boiled pasta :) The recipe is very nice! Greetings

Petya, were wonderful! As I elit093 added oil after boiled pasta :) we like!

I am glad that all you like, I'm going to do with cous cous, but this love only me and only me not to try Regina

Are you all right with cous cous receive? When I make pasta in the oven looking to have a hole in the middle to allow the mixture to come everywhere to not get much testyavo, but your idea is interesting.

made with cous cous in small shapes, but the device earn good shots will get

will look forward :)

recipe is great! Very tasty makaronki were received! :)

I am glad that you liked the pictures shows that they become good

I forgot the butter and despite this, there were great!

LYUBCHO, looks very appetizing! :) Temptations me, I will make them the most - soon. I believe that no oil will be devoured in no time! ;)

I am glad that you like