Currants with cream and biscuits

Submitted by enr on 17 Jul 2013
200 g of red currant
300 g yoghurt
100 g feta cheese mascarpone
4 tbsp caster sugar
12 small cookies of your choice
8 tbsp chocolate sprinkles or chips
# Optional:
vanilla liqueur
Currants with cream and biscuits
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Currants washed. Resources are 4 small clusters and the rest is cleaned by the handles. Prepare 4 cups for serving. Each cup is placed in a cut in large pieces cookie and 1 tbsp chocolate sprinkles. In a bowl is broken yogurt, mascarpone and icing sugar. Taste optional vanilla and / or liqueur. Cut into 4 large cookies and put in the cream together with the separate grains currants and remaining 4 tbsp chocolate sprinkles. Cream mix and distribute into four glasses. Allow to cool. Before serving, garnish each glass with cookie and separated cluster of fruit.
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17 Jul 2013
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Rally Great offer! With our favorite currant (especially my son) :) Will do :)

will be happy to share how you liked the dessert, Reni :) Good night :)

I love red currant! Once, in our old house we had. I have not met in yards. If lost. Rally a great combination of products for this delicious dessert! I'd love to have a bite! :)

Ina, thank you :) The dessert is very fast. In the recipe that served me the idea biscuits are kantuchini (recipe katuchini'm up here on the site), flavored with amaretto and cream put crushed and kisses. You can try both want as long as you find a red currant. We have a small bush in the yard, and for recovery - Crop out a bowl: D