Cutlets of chicken and oatmeal

Submitted by enr on 09 Aug 2011
cooked chicken 1 chicken (800 g, 1 kg)
4 tbsp fine oatmeal
at 1-2 tsp oat and wheat bran (or bread crumbs and flour)
4 eggs
optional - 1-2 tbsp walnuts, sunflower seeds, linseed or mixture
spices - to taste
sunflower oil
Cutlets of chicken and oatmeal
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The chicken is boiled in salted water. Boned and the meat is cut into not too finely. Add beaten eggs, oatmeal, bran, spices (I put oregano and thyme) and salt. The mixture was stirred well and allowed to stand to cool for at least half an hour. With grebva tablespoon of the mixture and fry in heated sunflower oil. Serve with salad season. Meatballs can also be baked. Namaslyava to pan, spoon put piles of the mixture. Top sprinkled with sunflower oil and bake in preheated oven at 180 C
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09 Aug 2011


looks great :) Be sure to try them!

tsveti05, thanks for assessment and I hope you liked about them I do prokovirana of the show *The icing on the cake.* Camellia Voche make an appetizer chicken meatballs. And here, the site found interesting recipes, but instead I decided to add flour and oatmeal and other products. I left cooked meat and decided to try. We were pleased. With a rich salad and no bread to become not an appetizer and meal!

Once again convinced that Ina have almost the same taste. Years ago my mother made meatballs only oatmeal and do not remember what else wore, but were without meat. This chicken will become meatballs fantasy. Thanks for the idea in the near future will do them!

Milencha, expect your opinion. I hope you like them!

Hello, I'm here for six months I let her many recipes, my site was missing much meatballs will be done immediately liked me very much!

flowers, welcome back among us! Glad your recipe in the shower!

Thanks Tilly could not photograph them from the pan ate were superb!

colorful, very happy! That are eaten from the pan is the best score!