Eggs poached in Panagyurski

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
10 eggs
2 cup (400 g) feta cheese
125 g butter
1 kg yoghurt
little vinegar
Eggs poached in Panagyurski
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Break the eggs from the lower pan of boiling, lightly salted and acidified water and boil to whiten the whites. Remove with latticed spoon and place in serving dishes on the background of the feta cheese (crumbled or cut into rectangular pieces) and yogurt. Pour in heated butter, colored with paprika. Optional podluchva yogurt with crushed garlic.
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01 Dec 2002


Is it say eggs Panagurski! To lick your fingers ...

Super recipe.

The recipe is very accurate, easy and delicious. Good appetite!

Fast, easy, delicious!

Bravo this is a great recipe really delicious are not eaten to try.

eggs really are very nice, but do not forget the garlic - the smell becomes quite another! ;)

right to make eggs Panagurski, but the cheese can not agree.

I also think that eggs Panagurski made without cheese, and yogurt with podlucheno!

eggs Panagurski also do them with crumbled cheese.

Very nice meal! Bravo!

One of my favorite dishes from childhood, super bravo!

With garlic is unique!

It was very tasty

Tonight will try and I!

Super arose, and some dill for Zelenka adding to chesancheto ... mmm

This is my favorite dish adored GOOOL ...

I do them without cheese and yogurt podlucheno.

I love Eggs in Panagyursi! Great recipe!

of this call him chalbur somewhere wonderful appetizer or for finishing dinner kebab if not you got

not optional and must be put garlic, no it is not a good dish. These are the most delicious ovule!

The most easy and delicious meal when you're wondering what to spretnesh nabarzichko :)

The most delicious eggs! We've done them at school.

I love eggs Panagiurishte very nice recipe!

me options is -osheetvam thick yogurt with garlic, pressed or dried, distribute it to the top portions ... scatter with plenty of crumbled cheese, eggs and fried them in their eyes, let them lightly fried soft-boiled ... pepper :)

delicious meals! Very often prepare the eggs in this recipe, but put only 400 g yoghurt.

always overeat with this dish! :) Great recipe! :)