Festive dessert Lotus

Submitted by enr on 15 Jun 2012
# For the cream:
200 ml cream
200 g white chocolate
250 g sour cream
125 g cream cheese
6 equal tbsp sugar
20 g gelatin
# For lotos- baskets:
500 g puff pastry
Festive dessert Lotus
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Heated the cream, being careful not to boil. Put the chocolate, broken into pieces and stir until completely melted and * disappearance * in cream. Leave to cool and then put in the fridge. Stir sour cream, cream the feta cheese, sugar and vanilla. soaked gelatin in cold water and allow to swell. When the cream in the refrigerator cools to the point * cold * Remove and mix to a short (slightly to rise slightly to thicken). Gelatin melting water bath. To the mixture of cream and cream cheese, add the cream with melted chocolate, and mix to a trickle Pour gelatin. Stir just a little to good homogenization. bulk cream in cups (9 small) and put in the refrigerator to complete gelation. (I prepare the cream a day earlier). This cream is suitable for self-consumption. I prefer it with raspberries or strawberries. For lotuses used 500 g puff pastry (buy German type * brick *, roll it further). Raztochih dough thinly (about 3 mm) and with a sharp knife cut out flower with six leaves (my nerves reached 5 lotus future. Other clippings puff dough baked for triguni (amorphous :)) I put the flower on the baking paper, which I cut between the sheets. Then I put on the bottom of the bowl, which I banked upside down. Along with bowls put in preheated oven to 220 degrees. Then need to be reduced to 200. When zapekoha nice top, they turned and waved bowls. Left to constipation and from within. I pull them carefully from the oven and leave to cool. jellified cream turn on the basket, embellish and dessert * * Lotus is ready. With thanks to BABY, which showed me the idea. The recipe for the cream is mine and it is a favorite of my family.
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15 Jun 2012


I saw the recipe in your blog. Great and delicacies.

and I saw the blog! I love the idea! Compliments! :)

Very beautiful look :)

Thank you, girls! And I liked the idea a lot and for a long time and I was going. Well, I finally realize it. It is very spectacular and delicious. Can be applied to salty version.

Incredible dessert!

I agree enthusiastically to applause! Bravo! Easy and original!

I thought of something else - can be performed in the salty version and will be from appetizer to dessert! Gold are your hands, judging blog. And the pictures are very good quality. Once again Bravo!

Thank you, CVETETO3101, for your kind words! Will happen in salty version, of course. And I'm going to try it in its role as an appetizer, but do not know when this will be. Greetings!