Fried baskets

Submitted by enr on 15 Feb 2010
ready pancakes
Russian salad
Salad Snow
sunflower oil for frying
A pancake is placed between two trays baskets and pressed. Delete cutting. Fry in very hot sunflower oil for about a minute, the two baskets held with tongs BBQ. Remove and fill with two salads. Crunchy baskets are served in the plateau on lettuce. Fry in more sunflower oil, in a deep pot.
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15 Feb 2010
fiesta tv


Very nice idea, thanks! But could you explain what the baking pans, please.

I've had such baskets with the help of baking pans Tartalettes.

These are shapes around 1. 5 cm deep at the bottom are narrow and widen up. The whole cutter is ripples. I hope you can understand it, sorry I do not have pictures.

O. K! I even such obscure somewhere in the house, thanks for the explanation. I was a child, there is a mention of what years, maika I made sweet and salty baskets. If you find them, will surely try.

sought recipe in that source, but did not find.Please send me the link of this recipe.

That sounds interesting. More convenient would be to fry in a deep pot.

I listened to how to make baskets in the fiesta.I had prepared pancakes and made them.I was wondering how to fill them and saw that I had left less than 2 salads.I pointed fiesta because there is the idea.

Thank lubopitka.I forgot to write that are fried in a deep pot with more oil.