Fried princesses

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2010
250 g minced meat
salt, pepper, paprika
processed cheese (optional)
2 eggs
Fried princesses
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Minced meat flavored with spices and smeared on slices of bread in a thin layer. Put pieces are processed cheese on it and another slice of bread. Received double princesses Oval in beaten eggs and fry in preheated oil.
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13 Oct 2010


eggs outside fry very quickly, this time it sufficient and minced meat?

Minced meat does not remain raw inside you between slices?

Minced meat is a thin layer, so do not bother to stay raw. Just ask how to stick two slices so as not to fall apart during frying, since there is between them melted cheese.

Hello, says akva7, minced cover a very thin layer and not remain raw. Processed cheese may not put on me just like the combination, I put quite a bit. By turning never had a problem before.

Put a picture, but it is done with the phone, I apologize for the quality.

I am not slices stuffed with minced meat and with a mixture of cheese and spices. In order not to fall apart, dub only one slice in the middle, ie not dub on the sheet. Second slice dunk only one side in egg and then attach with dip hand on buttered toast. So stick peel them. Leave to stand for some time and only then batter them. I fried them in oil that the cheese filling enough greasy, but only slightly namaznyavam pan and broil them *dry*. The idea with minced meat I like and I will try.

Today I made them and liked very much:-) Izparzhih them as described in the recipe. Raw minced meat was not only that you have to fry on medium heat and I turn them repeatedly. I put cheese. One part of minced meat with falsified oregano, one with thyme and rosemary. Both options we liked.

Aliana, look very appetizing, will do them again tomorrow morning and I put these spices.

Aliana, with us is rosemary needles, so I ask you, how do you put in the minced meat?

I put ground, almost like a powder. For here minced spreadable thin, I think it should be finely ground or chopped very finely. Chopped put when in meatballs example - first digress needles from the stems, then chop it.

I put instead of mince pies, sprinkle with black pepper. Becomes very tasty. Will try and your option. I'm sure my cannibals will like it. Otsenka- Excellent