Gyozleme (Goezleme)

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2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
# Stuffing of cheese:
1 cup sheep cheese
1/2 cup smooth parsley
# Stuffing potatoes:
3-4 boiled potatoes
1-2 small onions
1 chili pepper - optional
2-3 tsp butter
salt, pepper
# Stuffing Spinach:
300 g of spinach leaves can and frozen
1 handful of crumbled sheep cheese
2-3 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper
# Stuffing with minced meat:
300-400 g mutton
1-2 onions
4-5 tbsp chopped parsley
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper
# spreads:
100 g melted butter
Gyozleme (Goezleme)
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Dough: Mix flour and salt to make them a little less than 1 cup lukewarm water and knead until a dough elastic, about 5-10 minutes, maybe more depends on the assessment. Wrap the dough with a damp cloth and allow to relax 30 minutes. Prepare stuffing optional. Cheese Stuffing: The feta cheese is crushed, parsley cut into not very finely and confused. Filling potatoes: Potatoes are creased with soft butter, put the finely chopped onion. Onions can be fried in 2-3 tbsp sunflower oil, then the butter potatoes lapse and onion put them directly with the fat. Add chopped into fine julienne chili pepper and spices. Mix, taking care to remain lumpy. Stuffing Spinach: Spinach is washed and chopped, stew in olive oil, he pipette little water. Only to settle a bit and ready, should not become quite soft. Remove from heat and drain slightly. Season with spices. The feta cheese sprinkled on it only at the turn of gyozlemeto. filling of minced meat Luke cut into very small pieces. Put it together with the minced meat in very hot fat and fry until the mince become coarse crumbs. Season, insert the parsley and remove from fire. All fillings enjoy chilled and divided equally according to the number of servings. The dough is divided into 4 or 8 equal balls - 4 large or 8 small servings. Desktop sprinkle with flour, the dough is rolled out very thin crust round. On one half, put the filling, turn in the uncovered half and pressed edge. Prepare meals all at once and arrange on a clean cloth. Heat hot plate or pan without oil just over medium heat. Gyozlemetata fired first from one and then the other side. When still hot, smeared with plenty of melted butter. Great gyozlemeta can then be folded baking. * stuffing are indicative and may be made according to personal preferences. * Name gyozleme (Gözleme) comes from the root Gyoz (tour. göz - eye, eyes) and sense means looking, looking. Some view is very gyozleme because its shape is like an eye. Supporting this view are the opponents of the different ways of folding. According to others, consistent with the proper baking brown circles - small and large, are the eyes that see.
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05 May 2010


It looks very appetizing: 9

recipe is super will immediately try;)

Last I ate gyozleme when I was visiting my grandmother .. She knows a lot of Turkish recipes that even speak the language .. Unfortunately, that was before 10 if not a little over .. Excellent recipe, good for Raleigh, I had not thought of them since. This gives me an opportunity to try them and I :)

Yala'm versions of potatoes - really are very tasty. Now alone and will prepare them. Thanks for the recipe.

Today gyozleme prepared stuffed with spinach. It is very tasty:-) Thanks for the good recipe.

Immer, I'm glad you liked the recipe:-) It really and multilateral and everyone can make her own taste.

long look for this recipe. Surely try it. My impressions are that the recipes here are very successful. Will write about impressions.

Many became successful. Great recipe.

Ive, enjoy! What plkanka put them? Just out of curiosity I ask:-)

made with cheese and garlic flour. Feta cheese was. In paths for and added the cheese.

Good idea for garlic! I need to try.

Well, this recipe impressed me. I think I'll try stuffed with cheese and stuffed with minced meat, can and stuffed potatoes. Whether it will change the taste and the final result if the cheese is cow, minced -svinska?

cheese I do not believe there is a difference, is not it still has cheese? A minced meat - it tastes different in the two types of meat, but once you get it like - I do not believe you do not like :)

how thin are rolled phyllo

delicious recipe back in my childhood my grandmother made them 4esto can not to4a, but will try to peel ready I remember 4f stirring water with oil and sprinkled in / at sa4a became divine thank you dear.

Last night I made a sample with a half dose were gorgeous surprisingly pleasant. As stuffing put kashtkaval and turkey breast. I order the whole family to do over the weekend and then you shoot.

Lubbe, I am pleased to read that gyozlemite are your taste! Put a photo shoot them :)

Many successful recipe! Gyozlemite were great! :) I will try with other fillings, but for a start I decided to do only with cheese :)!

Nelly, bravo! Look gorgeous! Good appetite!

Thank Rally! :)

Many were delicious, but maybe I should be a bit more fine-sheeted. With cheese and parsley - ate warm, warm :) Thanks for the recipe!

Galya, thanks for the nice comment, I am very glad that you liked :)