Home cream in two layers

Submitted by enr on 19 Sep 2011
1 liter of fresh milk
6 tbsp flour
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 vanilla
2-3 tbsp cocoa
Home cream in two layers
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Mix the flour, sugar and eggs with less than fresh milk. Pour the remaining milk in a saucepan, put the stove on medium when the milk is warm (should not boil) trickle add the prepared mixture, stirring constantly until a smooth homogeneous mixture. Confuse the stove until the cream thickens. When ready add the vanilla, divided into two parts and one to add cocoa. Fill the cups - put of the cocoa mixture, squeeze the top 1-2 cookies, put the cream on top. Can posipem cream and a little nuts.
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19 Sep 2011


looks delicious :) will try and your varyant!

As far as I know this is a classic variyant home cream, one that I do is the same but put and 1 again. oil

I loved, well done. Next time will do biscuit cake with him

I loved, and I was thinking to use it for biscuit cake!

Yes, the cream is very suitable for cake - with biscuits or cake, also with cut filiiki croissants. Sure wish you can put a little oil, after the cream thickens :)

It was delicious! A quantity is a lot, so it becomes for both guests and for a large family!

If you pick beldatsite snow and finally add them carefully with a spatula cream becomes very soft and has a slightly vazbushna consistency is not so dense. I of 1l. 4-6 yaitsa put milk and oil required. Not only garniraite fruit-liquefies it!

Mmmm delicious became :)

It was very tasty, but not stirring enough to become granules. The mistake is mine.

I did it a second time and get better. Instead biscuits put ground walnuts middle ... I think the coconut will be delicious.

Awesome cream. As a small last ate one. Very well received, hope and home to rejoice.

Tasty pudding get!

It was a great dessert. Congratulations and Blagdarya recipe.

Dami, naistina you haresva this cream? (Na me a lot dokarva na flour, a and tova *sheetate dokato thicken* took dooosta time. About Very few proactively and time charter in good taste dobte ea is Occupied cream na Dr. Oetker.

great cream! I put 5 in. And 1 l flour and cocoa rose bicolor!

great cream get all like him