Home layered cake of kozunak

Submitted by enr on 30 Dec 2010
1 kozunak (used with nuts and raisins)
1 liter milk
60 g starch (I chose vanilla)
170 g sugar
150 ml compote
# To decorate:
crushed walnuts
grated chocolate
chocolate topping
Home layered cake of kozunak
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Prepare the cream from the milk, sugar and starch. In the form of a mobile bed put baking paper namaslyava and Pour 2-3 tablespoons of cream. Arrange the slices of the kozunak, slightly syrupy compote with top and smeared with cream. Then rank the remaining slices, also slightly syrupy and smeared with cream. Allow to cool to set. Then removed from the mold and put in a shallow dish. If remaining cream smeared side. The finished cake is sprinkled with ground walnuts, grated chocolate and watered with chocolate topping. * Between the layers may be called banana slices.
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30 Dec 2010


Very tasty proposal. I ate this cake is very light, suitable finish for New Year's Eve menu (although usually produce it remain as dry cake of Easter :)).

Thanks Milencha will be more appropriate for Easter :)

Well done, Maggie! Again great recipe! Will become very delicious cakes. Can put and jam or bananche. Thanks for the delicious recipe !!!

Very tasty again.Will try and it definitely!Goes to favorites.

Vercelli, MIGHT give me to jam :) Thanks a lot!

to me was lokumov cake and then prepared it and vanilla pudding was very tasty!

Thank Fifth, I'm glad that you liked it :)

Great cake! Easy and delicious!

Thanks Danny, I guess that would be obtained with another cake.

Great idea to use the remains of the cake. Will try and compulsory course goes to Favorites ..

The cake is very tasty! Today made it - with two types of cream (vanilla and strawberry), it was very original and fresh. Moist cake slices instead of compote with fresh milk. I think tomorrow will be even prettier because Cozonac will soften even more of the cream, but tonight there was no one waiting for her and off her halfway through.

Thank you, but I do not stay on Easter cake :)

This time I made it a little different decoration, again became gorgeous. Put a photo of the birthday of my daughter.

Milencha, thank you for the nice picture, I'm glad that you liked!

I made the cake as the cake with syrup chilled instant coffee, cocoa cream is cream and grated chocolate on top. I do not know what has been achieved because now cool. Will share results and photos later ... I hope he's all right ...

It was an amazing thing. And another time I did cakes, but this surpassed all. Finished in no time.