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Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2008
4 parts pork
3 parts salo
2 parts beef or wild meat
beef or pork intestines filling
# On every 1 kg meat put:
25 g salt
1 g saltpeter
2 g sugar
2 g pepper
1 g cumin
1 g allspice
The meat is cleaned of fat, tendons and skins, cut into small pieces and leave to rest in a cool 1-2 days. Ground with machine with a sharp knife so as not to wrinkle. Every kilogram of finished mince added 25 g of salt, 1 g saltpeter, 2 g sugar, 2 g pepper, 1 g cumin, allspice 1 g. The mixture was kneaded well and allowed to stand overnight in order to be flavored. Full tightly using the machine for meat beef or pork intestines. Filled intestines are tied and hung in a ventilated place to dry. Drying must be done slowly (if the surface dries quickly inside dries hard). It lasts for about two months, periodically pressed with a rolling pin on a solid surface (once a week). Optional consumed raw, pechenana BBQ or fried.
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18 Nov 2008


We eat them fried a lot and raw appetizers.