Homemade baguette

Submitted by enr on 22 Oct 2012
800 g flour type 500 +80 g flour Russell
360 ml water
100 ml milk
20 g fresh yeast
3 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tsp sugar, salt
3-4 tbsp mix seed - white and black sesame, linseed, poppy, sunflower seeds
Homemade baguette
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Dissolve yeast in warm milk and sugar and let stand for 15 minutes. In bread machine put the water, the yeast with the milk, salt and 500 g of flour. Kneaded for 15 minutes. Prepared less dough. Allow to stand for 30 min and kneading again for 15 minutes, add the remaining quantity of 300 g of flour. Or put in a deep bowl 500 g flour, make a well and pour the yeast, water and salt. Knead using a stirrer or the attachment for dough mixer until a more rare dough for about 15 minutes. Leave to stand for 30 minutes covered with cloth of a temperature of 25 C and kneading again, add the remaining amount of 300 g of flour. Remove dough from bowl and kneading on the kitchen counter for 15 minutes, if necessary Russell with flour. The dough should be soft, not hard. Place the dough in a deep bowl and cover with a cloth. Let it rise for an hour at a temperature of 25 C. Remove the dough, sprinkle it with flour and divide by 3 or 4 balls. Leave the dough balls to rise for 2 hours at 20 C, covered with a cloth. Each ball roll with the hands of a rectangle. Wrap each rectangle roll by - his broad hand and roll of wick using the hands, starting flattening from the center to the edges. Wick to a length 36-40 cm and 5 cm wide. Put in a baguette tray on cooking paper greased with sunflower oil to rise, as previously above a cut with a knife. Divide among baguettes using strips of cooking paper. Before baking coat them with sunflower oil and sprinkle with flour or a mix of seeds. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes or until a sufficient red brown. The aim is to obtain a crispy crust and a rigid top and a soft and fluffy inside environment.
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22 Oct 2012
Adapted from http://artisanbreadbaking.com/bread/french_baguettes/