Winter salad with cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 28 Jan 2010
100 g fat cottage cheese
2 eggs
2 pickles
Tartar sauce
Winter salad with cottage cheese
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In a bowl, mix grated eggs and cucumbers, seasoned with a little salt and optional with a spoon of olive oil. Add the cottage cheese and mix everything well. Pour into the salad bowl and pour the sauce on top (can be ready in a bottle).
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28 Jan 2010


Tasty goes to Favorites and try mandatory locks Maggie

I just made it. I have not eaten a delicious salad. Bravo!

I do this, but put and paprika.

I apologize for probably illiterate question, but what can replace Tartar sauce, if no one ready?

When I Tartar sauce I might do with mayonnaise and garlic or with moyoneza depends on taste

animiva, can put a milky-mayonnaise sauce, tartar I had at the time. Buy cottage cheese and I only eat her home to look more healthy food.

I did this boiled salad (or caviar cheese) do it all year round. Here's my recipe: Curd to add a little bit of olive oil (and oil can) and mix vigorously - best with a mixer. Then seasoning with salt, pepper, a little ground cumin and crushed garlic to taste.

We really liked the salad. Thank you, Maggie.

Great, suitable for people who are on treatment and have restrictions on what to eat.