Layered cake in cup

Submitted by enr on 09 Feb 2009
ready pudding or cream of your choice
ground walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, or other topping for decoration
Layered cake in cup
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In the cups are broken up 2-3 biscuits. The cream was prepared in the manner described on the package. Pour the biscuits and sprinkle top ground walnuts, chocolate sprinkles or topping. It can be made in a separate container as cake - cream starch is mixed with a large amount of broken biscuits.
Very easy
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09 Feb 2009


recipe is great, almost like dessert biscuits with milk cream Chrissy!

I often do at home these small cakes because she loves them. Bravo!

Super going on, and I've done just that with another cream! Bravo gold!

Yesterday I worked on it this cake and eat in no time

gold, thank you for the lightning Pastry. Super is!

I am glad that you like it and I do quite often, thanks Reni that you launched my photos-are not good.

Very often makes this tortichkaHubavoto is that you can improvise. Between layers put pieces of banana or some sweet fruit. Before you pour the cream on the walls of the cups using a teaspoon ribbon of chocolate or melted chocolate in a water bath. Becomes very effective.

Very cool :) I received improvised with anything, upload a photo in the recipe - those coconuts are :) very fast easy and tasty spectacular :)

Bravo! I was wondering what to do with a lot nespuluchlivi eclairs and hop ... super idea - Cake in cup. Thank you!

Very easy and delicious cakes.

Quick easy delicious! Very cool

which was performed - comfortable and beautiful, well done to the idea.

Great idea, I was ready kaks sponge and used it instead of biscuits.

The fastest and delicious cakes.