Street mekitsi

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2009
4 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp dry yeast
2 and 1/2 cup hot water
Street mekitsi
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The dough is mixed by evening. Dry products are loaded into a large bowl, add water and stir until a very thick porridge - dough. Bowl covered with Greased foil and leave in refrigerator until morning. In the morning remove from the refrigerator, the dough should be increased 3-4 times its volume. All in the pores. The dough is sticky, it does not bother you, this is the secret. The mekitsi fry in very hot fat - deep skillet or deep fryer. Heat fat. In a bowl pour sunflower oil and before making any dough cakes were pan hands because the dough is quite sticky. Gets a little dough, disarrange to very thin and put in preheated oil. Fry until golden. The mekitsi be removed from the oil and place on paper to absorb some of the fat.
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14 Jan 2009
Source, Tanita


OOO ... I love cakes. Will try them and those must!

Desi interesting recipe. I added to favorites. Will try them on weekends.

Bravo desij! Will try them now! I think that we would like very much!

Desi, these cakes are really good - they are the favorite in my house.

Desi, thanks for the recipe! Will give them a try! Are super!

These cakes can you fry immediately or necessarily have to stay?

I did them last night. Respecting the right products, but became very soft dough, which could not even be conceived. Gluing my hands, although pan them in plenty of oil. Taking very fat when frying. What a disappointment ... Eventually they had to do another snack. . Obviously need more flour of that amount.

Perfect cakes as I can not interfere so I became a *goddess* of the cakes. *Zakrastih *all about my friends to make them and eat.Only changed only 2 cups of water and 4 1/2 flour so they are better.Thanks for the great recipe.

1c. l dry yeast on how fresh is the?

These are my favorite cakes seed & # 1117; tion. I might do with 30 g of fresh yeast

I tried them and were amazing!

I made these cakes about 3 months ago for the first time since my husband does not give me peace and constantly seeks to make these cakes! Amazing recipe!

Great cakes have become-thanks for the recipe, go to Favorites

all you believe that you need to increase the flour !? I have not tried, but will be coming my cakes! And there is a danger to burst out of the cup ... how much should be roosting in their fridge !?

I do them just as is the recipe and there are always wonderful.

I also decided and made them this morning for breakfast - it's a great!

Great cakes, just as form could not bring them but the taste is superb!

are really very successful, but I reduce water and increased the flour-no problem!

cakes are wonderful, very tasty and easy. Become greasy, nosega I read that in the dough must be put in 1tbs brandy to assumes no fat.

are very tasty but very fat bear

very greasy.I tried them.I really need more flour them.

really become very greasy with this ratio, and I increased the flour and water slowed and became a wonderful

be perfect, but I have heard that to not take fat fried products put alcohol. Applies for pancakes.

cakes were great! Very fast and very tasty, and very easy to prepare. Bravo for a great recipe!

How mekichki out of a dose?

It depends on how big they normally do ... 6-7 large ... Four-member family would be fed safely as long as not too greedy. Make one dose to try next time to get yourself a double :)

Unique have not got words

is given the most delicious cakes I've ever eaten

are Super! Yes, these are real cakes that are sold on the streets in my time. I do them very often, but I increased the flour 4 1/2 h. H and water for 2 h. H.

unique easy and delicious recipe :) I prepared it faithfully as a, I changed only the liquid. Put 1 and 1/2 cup milk and 1 cup water. Were super delicious. I want to say that this is my first cakes and I am delighted with the result. Though I have cooked for years. Reminded me of my childhood when my grandmother made us cakes for breakfast and it was a great master of all pasta. Photos can not apply because they were evenly divided and eaten in no time. I strongly recommend the recipe.

They became the best cakes I have ever done.

Reni, very appetizing mekichki, look great with chocolate decorations!

become very delicious, but quite greasy. Whether if I fried them in even higher temperature would absorb less fat?

at home all love them, thanks for the recipe.

I am not a big advocate of copyright, but here recipe was published 2 / two / years earlier. And who wants to make these cakes, I advise you to read the comments below, is quite controversial recipe often obtain their people, and I am one of those who also did not receive.

and, excuse me, I saw that you specify the source, but still remains a problem ... with flour and that something is not working, I personally no longer and take the time of this recipe and will seek another successful for making cakes

However, what was the problem, why do not you received?

Something obviously you've done wrong. Make great ... Try again and exactly the given measures. Good luck.

I prepare them the same way, but instead dry add 1/2 Cubes of fresh yeast, and pulling them submerged in water instead of fat hands, did not believe that water can also pull the cakes until they tried, become beautiful like a times

I also prepare them in this way and I received!

The recipe I'm doing it for quite some time and there are always very tasty and fluffy cakes. Only put 2 cups of warm water instead of 2, 5. Thank you!

Just interjected something that is not written, but people who do often pasties know it - after remove the dough from the refrigerator leave it at room temperature for at least an hour, so inflate more mekichkite. I say this because the recipe shared it with friends and complained that they had not got so thick as mine and realized that the problem is the cold dough from the refrigerator. ;)

recipe know it from ub from Rosica Chelebrieva. Flour is 3 cups, the condition is to stir and stretch with greased hands. This is my favorite recipe