Catal tatlasa

Submitted by enr on 15 Jun 2010
1/3 cup yogurt
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 egg
10 g baking powder
pinch of salt
flour as necessary for soft dough
sunflower oil for frying
# For the syrup:
3 cups water
2 cup sugar
Catal tatlasa
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Prepare syrup and allowed to cool completely. Products dough knead a soft dough, which is divided into two. Each ball is rolled into a thin sheet and cut into strips 1cm wide. At the beginning of each strip was placed in a fork lying around it is rolled dough strip with circular movements of the fork. In more preheated oil by pushing gently put rolled strips to fry. Fry until golden, remove and immediately put in cold syrup. Straps must not have very long to not remain raw inside.
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15 Jun 2010


Very nice syrupy zalcheta. Put them in favorites. Now in the heat I do not getting enough stuff but will come and their order :) Thanks for the recipe.

And in the heat are a great dessert chilled however!

interesting recipe goes to Favorites! My men adore syrupy desserts :)

Bravo, buci! Frightful! I liked the recipe! Interesting shape tatliite. You should try. I love those syrupy desserts!

Really interesting, and taste how are you?

I think the taste is like tolumbichkite only their shape is different!

Very interesting recipe! Mime tolumbichkite are steamed dough and no raising agent. And these are much baking powder. I think that not only will taste different, and texture as a whole. Who tries first to report:-) I will wait;-)

interesting recipe, I'll try.

Not much baking powder. Only 1 packet.

Wonderful rose. Sweet and attractive zalcheta. Not as Tulumba, have a different taste. I often do bathed fritters, rather like them. Who loves syrup sweets will surely love!

neli. mag, look great, BRAVO!

really very nice and attractive photos. Provide additional clarity. Thanks, neli. mag. I think I'll do them ahead of schedule.

Thank you for the nice words. Tatliite not Mrs. of baking powder or baking soda. Dozen baked in a pan in the oven. Became a little lighter, and the other when frying took quite fat. But this is typical for products with yogurt and soda, ie raising agent. Not swell much in baking and frying, but they syrupy *ponadebelyaha*. :) Very quickly ran out. Next time will curl more.

I have just completed the preparation of this dessert. I think the recipe is very good. I can not wait to present it on the table after dinner! I added pictures!

forget to write that using the option baked in the oven.

Each subsequent picture is iskusitelna! Congratulations!

look incredibly delicious, will try to achieve a good result and I do.

Very interesting recipe. In a favorite! Thanks for shared recipe. At the weekend will try.

and I tried was great. Bravo buci.

recipe is great for lovers of sweet. I could not, however, eat more than two. Really delicious, sweet but I still stick in the mouth. Until now I had not eaten such a moist cake (taste was new to me - it is not close to any other moist dessert I've eaten). I recommend it to everyone as I fall for the sweet.

failed to put an assessment now be corrected.

Mnoogo delicious camp. We love family more sweet and it's just for us. Thanks for the recipe

Elti, safe syrup was quite thickish. I always do more rare syrup. I like that. Only baklava brew thicker.

Yes, I was a thick syrup zashtogo let him be poizvari. The other way will do not tolko concentrated.

Many were delicious. Go to Favorites.

I were done and then fried syrup. Were amazing the first time. Congratulations!

And I have made them. Were wonderful. I was worried that the syrup is mnozhko, but in the morning parzhenkite were all drunk.

Thank you girls, I'm glad you liked the recipe!

just oparzhih them and put them in the syrup, how long you keep them?

Sweet were divine! I think I came a little syrup over, but it is to drink a lot! Great recipe and very quick to prepare!

Roughly what is the length of the straps?

About 20 cm.

Nellie, thank you. Their daughter is a desire to make them / they grandson are sweet! /

The family has long been licking this recipe. All are very happy, I most! :)

This is one of my favorite recipes

I broke a little recipe baked them, not parzhih to not become very severe and received incredibly delicious! :)

are wonderful! :) At home we like syrup sweets!

long waiting line this recipe! Like us! :) I bake them in the oven, I saved frying. Most importantly, it is very fast and products available! I would say economically.

They become great, bravo!

I did once, but I got a little hard, I do not know whether this should be the result. Otherwise taste I liked because I love all things sweet syrup.

much loved home, my husband was pleasantly surprised

I decided to try it, but I question mark - this *flour as you take* how much the (given the weight of other products)? I know that for more experienced my question will seem stupid, but we're beginners so - everything has to be measured :)