Ice cream with Oreo cookies

Submitted by enr on 08 May 2014
820 g condensed milk
400 g of sweetened condensed milk
150 g Oreo biscuits
200 g cream powder - 400 ml milk
Ice cream with Oreo cookies
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Put the condensed milk in the chamber for two hours and sweetened milk in the fridge. After two hours pass sent down the milk in a bowl and beat with a mixer together with the cream. Smash biscuits put into the mixture and stir well to everywhere biscuits. Finally, put the container in the chamber to freeze the ice cream. * I use cream powder garni Giotis - 200 g are for the recipe as I write with condensed milk (800 g + 400 g sweetened), otherwise the box where I of Giotis writes that 200 g creamer + 400 ml fresh milk becomes 1400 ml are ready cream cakes.
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08 May 2014


of course, that you can put more biscuits if you want

And what is *garni Giotis*?

garni Giotis is cream powder if it napihesh in the Latin Internet Moyen see photos. I sought him but there was a Bulgarian translation (Greek f) I've seen it in Bulgarian supermarkets
I hope I helped you :)

I guess it can be replaced with any cream powder, not necessarily exactly this brand?

to become any cream powder :)

A 200 g for how liquid is that it is important to dry cream? And thanks to the rapid inclusion :)

200 d have to write the recipe as with condensed milk (800g + 400g sweetened) otherwise the box where I have to Giotis writes that 200 g creamer + 400ml milk becomes 1400m are ready cream cakes. recipe need WMO products I write above at the required products
I do not know how else I can explain it ..
it is very easy and delicious
good luck

This is clear enough, thanks :) If anyone does exactly this cream powder with this explanation can use one that is used for similar amounts.