Sponge cake for chocolate lovers

Submitted by enr on 09 Dec 2007
1 egg
1 cup sugar
2 vanilla
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup sunflower oil
2 cup flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
200 g of chocolate (chocolate 2)
Sponge cake for chocolate lovers
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Egg and sugar beat with a mixer for 5 minutes then add the oil, yogurt, stirring it with baking soda and vanilla. Mix everything with a mixer. Then pour the flour and again crashed. Of this total mixture is separated 1 cup inside and put the cocoa and mix. In the mixture without cocoa crushed chocolate in large pieces (for example, as a piece of chocolate breaks into two or cut with a knife) and confuse her. Pour pre 1 tbsp sunflower oil in cake tray and smears, then sprinkle with flour as you stick and the rest is flicked. Pour in the tray base mixture and the mixture with the chocolate. The oven was heated strongly, and when put the cake is reduced to a moderate temperature. Check whether it is ready with a toothpick.
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09 Dec 2007
reptilian Mom + my imagination


I can do it. I love chocolate :)

With chocolate that will happen?

I did it as a recipe, delicious camp! Bravo! I recommend it!

I put one chocolate and now regret it seemed to me that it is very broken. Next time I will put my 2. Otherwise, it is great!

I also put one chocolate and I think enough - visible in the image. But I think that should be broken into smaller pieces.

cake is incredible. And before I've done similar, but this time it was just unique. Indeed, it seems that the two mixing chocolate are a lot. But are not. As a bake they melt. Act boldly exactly the recipe and enjoy not cake, but a work of art. Good luck.

and I put chopped walnuts on top before you put it to bake, but it also sprinkled with powdered sugar after it pulled out of the oven ...

to answer the question whether it can be used chocolate - I have not tried, but once I swapped hard with chocolate in the recipe of some cookies and I did not like the result, so I think that will not happen. But you do not stop, every different likes, which will, let him try.

I do it for the third time, much like it at home! Only Break the chocolate in small pieces!

I just put it in the oven and wait for the result ...

result is a Tasty ...

absolutely great! We ate it all at once ...

cake is amazing!

is a great cake several times already do and could barely wait to I deleted. You can also add raisins or orange peel

I'll do it on the first of March;)

To me I liked a great recipe. Well done.

Looks great! And after these comments goes to Favorites! Bravo!

MMM, it is very tasty! I recommend it!

cake is really great.

And I did but I stuck to form although she covered with oil and sprinkled with flour again be stuck! Whitewash the situation with a little powdered sugar! Amazing happened but how to prevent it and at what temperature to bake it?

Rheine, maybe the glasses with which Mary, were small and therefore the dough has become less and chocolate pieces are sunk. Try it next time to cut the chocolate more finely. Furthermore, instead of flour you can sprinkle with breadcrumbs form, I only do so - fat and breadcrumbs. It very well. Good luck.

Whatever -pita bake, cake, cake and so on. Always dub form / baking pan / plenty of margarine or cr. oil. So I never stick roast / Teflon whether or not /.

thank you very much!

From me get (6)

ihaaa is super! Many obi4m chocolate!

Today I made cake super camp. Naisina is great! Bravo!

all liked it, well done

snishti did and incredible

is still in my form I can not wait to wake up the child to try: p

great and quite tasty. Bravo put it in favorites.

I also tried it! Was very tasty! Bravo, great recipe!

is incredible! Simply unique ... pozvoliava additional fantasy .. example 1 replacing chocolate with 200 grams of sweet cherries cherry ...

I did it in aluminum forms cream caramel, buttered and floured. This cake and a glass of milk we had dinner last night, pictures naturally could not do :). I'm afraid that triple dose to do, I will be able to shoot; D

followed exactly the recipe and the result was stunning! Photographs! Congratulations for the recipe!

I made this cake, but finally syrup with 1cup sugar and 1 1 / 2cup water became great, my best performance, licking his fingers, and Theia chocolate chips mmm ...

After 18000 cake, the idea of ​​a familiar swapped chocolate with a box of Turkish delight.

here as I took the cake out of the oven yet tried it myself because it is hot of course his improvised instead broken into two pieces of chocolate I put a whole and put 200g chocolate and 85d and 50g almonds crushed any other purposes, and I think that has become super

cake has become super do it and you

May tonight will do cake :)

cake is amazing pravyago almost every day. straight is top. first Field that will be baked but I lied

I want to ask you to make this cake in the pan and not in form, you will receive bother me?

great cake! And I do it almost every day :). In addition put the rind of an orange in the mixture. Becomes very tasty :)

cake is great. You will not regret. Bravo!

cake is fantasy .. Do it with two chocolate as it is written of me thought he was very sorry now. Otherwise very tasty Commercial Premium pastes to eat:]

great cake. Jump superb. A chocolate chips ... m-mm-mm-mm-mm-m ... Still warm it started, while half remained cold :)

Ever since I read the recipe, already many times do this cake. Is great! The first time doubts about what you cake will be just one egg, despite the impressive amount of chocolate. Well, that did not fold. Even at the sight of raw dough cakes told her that he would become a great baked. And indeed proved so. Congratulations to the author for a delicious recipe. And upload photos.

cake is great! To strengthen the feeling it I poured chocolate with chocolate glaze 100g chocolate Calais and 50g butter, melted in a water bath. It was amazing! Upload a photo. Thanks for the great recipe!

cake is great.

Here snimchitsi and me. Great recipe and very easy. Once again well done.

the most delicious cake! I added walnuts, I poured melted chocolate in a little milk and became very delicious!