Juicy sponge cake

Submitted by enr on 11 Oct 2009
1 cup margarine
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup flour
3 tbsp water
5 g baking powder
3 eggs
Juicy sponge cake
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All stir well and bake. Optional can add dried fruit or flood with some jam. Recipe allows many options for decoration and taste.
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11 Oct 2009


Well look pictured hope is delicious will try

The appearance of the cake is not something special but very delicious and easy to make.

ha, very easy bravo in indigenous soon will do

Keksan is very easy and delicious! Sego it prepared! If you flood the chocolate glaze will probably also become very well!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

ednaga to favorites, and soon it will be their turn

And will you get with normal sugar?

Well, when I do not have powdered sugar do with normal and still going. Just got her recipe yeast mother and she gave it to me in this kind.

very nice camp. only that it spilled into capsules and half were with cocoa. top coat them with chocolate. became super

I am very glad that you liked the cake. I thought I could try to do a mixture of muffins and will soon do it.

Hello, after I saw the recipe and its comments I decided to naparavya and frankly I did not like at all.

cake is very nice! I congratulate you!

Thank you I'm glad you liked it.

cake is perfect. Because I am a fan of dietary did with wholemeal flour and liquid sweetener. Became neeeveroyaten. Thank romantika!

I also do a diet version of this cake. You may get the recipe. Glad you liked it.

cake is great. Added rum and vanilla essence, divided mixture of 3 - one part added crushed walnuts, others colored in red and the other is left with nothing and get a great effect. Polya finished cake with caramel glaze.

Very nice and really juicy. Awakens the appetite.

Thanks for evaluations. Glad you liked it.

Terrific want to ask only whether margarine may be replaced with oil.

I do it with butter and became great.I saw this recipe with margarine and tried.And ... I will not repeat!Maybe there is a difference in the term *margarine*.I used the *cape* yellow box.

I also I did today, but I am very disappointed. Will try with oil, however, does it matter what oil as in margarine there ...

And when I did not get!

I personally I did with Bulgarian butter and became incredible, otretsatelno end of time.

always gets it with margarine. This is the cake of my family.

I want to ask margarine / butter / melt you in advance or beat with powdered sugar?

Margarita crashed directly with powdered sugar.

cake made with margarine and get something very tasty - fluffy and juicy! Overflows with sweet! I loved it! :)

Moite juicy muffins are currently in the oven made them filled with raspberry jam:) smell superb ... and so nice inflate:) hope to become delicious!

Today I have prepared it. Used oil, however. I am very pleased with the outcome. Only vanilla added. Will get a picture.

Many mafincheta were delicious. I put a banana and were delicious!

I made a cake for the birthday of my mother did not expect it so nice incredibly tasty and juicy, good for the author of successful recipe !!

Thank you. I am glad that you liked.

I replaced the margarine with added oil and lemon peel, coconut and cocoa in a part of the dough. Became great, thanks for the recipe!

Many successful recipe for cake! I replaced the margarine with added oil and lemon zest and juice of half a lemon.

bake and almost ready. I sidled little recipe I put oil, but I think it still happened. At least sounded great. I think it pour chocolate :) Thanks

but is very very nice, really cool

I like it a different flavor than the standard cakes.

thank you for the nice recipe added a little strawberry jam and it was awesome :)