15-minute cheesecake

Submitted by enr on 24 Jan 2011
250 g cream (mixing)
1 cup sugar
200 g feta cheese type Dunavia
1/2 ampoule vanilla or vanilla sugar
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine
220 g tea biscuits (1 package)
100 g topping optional
15-minute cheesecake
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Mix the cream with sugar and vanilla, then add them to the feta cheese, which is crushed in advance. Mix until a homogenous mixture. The biscuits are ground or crushed and mixed with melted butter. Then spread into cake form (diameter of 24 cm), and on them the white mixture was poured. Pour a topping and leave in the fridge. After half an hour is ready for consumption. * 1 cup = 240 ml * You can make a simple and feta cheese. * topping can be substituted with 1/2 cup jam stirred with 1/2 cup water and 1 gelatin. * Sugar can is brown.
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24 Jan 2011


That sounds great, Zori, but can you put cottage cheese? Otherwise, it is very easy and goes to Favorites waiting line.

I have not tried with cottage cheese, but I guess that will be

I will try and write what has been achieved.

cheese soak you or put salty?

No, not the cheese, soak, wash only

Try and with cream cheese. Also becomes very nice.

very quick to prepare and very tasty. I used cream cheese.

I did it with cream cheese instead of cream - pudin without cooking *Cheesecake*. I added lots of fruits - 2 1/2 cups of blueberries and 1 1/2 cup sliced ​​strawberries that stirred it with icing cake. Very very tasty!

I tried some time ago by cheesecake She and I loved it. I decided to browse for recipes and I liked that I did it and it was delicious!

This time I did it with almond cream and decked with cones made of almond marzipan and almonds.

cones are great. Congratulations

And I often use this recipe and am always pleased with the outcome. I was curious what this almond cream. Sladki64e, please share. A cone made them real.

Elti, I replace the cream with cream without boiling *Cheesecake*, but this time there and bought some other kept *pistachio* (do not know whether Bulgarian again so is called this kind of nuts (like less of The largest peanuts and green in color). Smelled of almond cream (did not I like, but that is because I do not like almond essence).

This cream, pistachio called in English, is translated SHANFASTAK.

Strictly' pistachio ':).

Yes, this is not I think :)

A great recipe! Congratulations! sladki64e, please tell how they make cones! Many are beautiful!

Шоколадово-бадемови cones

Which chain buy cream without boiling *Cheesecake*? Which company is it?

Very nice and quick recipe, I made it in the recipe instead of just topping put home. sweet cherries and gelatin. It was gorgeous!

Some time ago I made it and we like. This will do it again today for the birthday of my son tomorrow. Not like cake and I is that it is easy and fast. Thanks for the recipe!

A great recipe, but poprekalih with topping.

A great recipe! Only the cream seemed a little, so I increased the dose for him. I put a gelatin to stand a little harder. Licking his fingers at home and on a regular basis!

cream (whipping) - or sour liquid is? In judging the weight that is sour, but it is not going to break. Hello! :)

I have a rule with a liquid sweetened cream

Hello cheerful chefs! The pastry is light and pleasant. I put and sliced ​​nectarines. Thanks for the recipe and warm evening ...

thanks for the recipe. easy and delicious .. :)

whipping cream :)