Layered cake with carrots (Carrot cake)

Submitted by enr on 17 Mar 2010
# For the base:
100 g roasted walnuts
340 g carrots
280 g flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 and 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 tsp cinnamon
4 eggs
300 g sugar
240 ml sunflower oil
1 vanilla
# For the cream:
55 g butter
230 g cream cheese
230 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla
Layered cake with carrots (Carrot cake)
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Base: In a container mix the dry ingredients - flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla. In another container with an electric mixer to break the eggs (about 1 minute), was gradually added sugar, and stirring continued for a further 3-4 minutes. Add the oil in a thin stream and stir well. The resulting mixture is added to the dry ingredients and confused. Add finely grated carrots and chopped walnuts. The mixture was divided into two equal parts and the two are baked at the base 180 C for approximately 25-30 minutes. The recommended size of the form is 23h33h5 cm. Cream: The butter and the feta cheese at room temperature beat with a mixer. Gradually add sugar and vanilla and broken down to a uniform consistency. tepid bases stick with cream. Top and sides of cake smeared with cream. Optional side can be put crushed walnuts and top to decorate with carrots made from colored cream or marzipan. For more succulent cake, the mixture is added 1/2 cup chopped pineapple, well drained 1/2 cup or applesauce. In this case, the baking time of the base increases.
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17 Mar 2010


Well done, John, super cake! Some time ago, and I've made at home, but did not say what it is until you try it and like it!

Well done, John! Thanks for the recipe :)

This is your favorite cake my husband and cheesecake :). When I first tried it seemed strange, because I tuned that carrots do not suit sweets :). American sweets very sweet, even I, who love very sweet barely swallow them :). Cream of Carrot Cake, which I have eaten in America is too sweet and I do not like to contain cream cheese. Which was performed for the first time, but I kept the recipe of cream just because I had so much cheese. Added sugar and butter to taste, it was very tasty, with a slight acidic streak. I used cream cheese Philadelphia. So if you decide to do, add sugar cream less and you do it to suit your taste :).

It was a great all liked it, tomorrow will Evangelistria again. Fast, easy delicious.

yesterday made it again, but I substituted carrots with 2 peaches became great, I will let the picture. In cream added sour cream became great, but each has its own taste.

For the first time I've made a cake with carrots and am very pleased with the outcome. Tastes great - all at home in January approved. The cream is a little different than that of the recipe - I put cheese, sugar, cream and cream *Ole* (Dr. Oetker). Tomorrow we will get and photos (my birthday cake is not to show that ignored the decoration, but at least a piece will show you). One golyayayayamo thanks for the recipe.

I am very glad you like it! You and I can make it soon, thanks for reminding me about this recipe :).

unique taste - added pineapple and coconut (which were referred to another recipe). I tried to bake a cake, which then cut into two - the baking time tripled and yet in the middle had not baked very well, and then cutting was difficult. A small piece of dough baked in another pan and then get great. So it should be divided and baked into two parts.

Sladki64e, again make a beautiful decoration. Remind me again for this irresistible recipe. Share where you put pineapple and coconut - in swamps you?

Yes, Elti in mixture marshes put. Baking time increases. Becomes very juicy.

We'll try and so, thank you.

I decided to try, get a cake is amazing, all loved it and briskly the achievements of :). Congratulations for the recipe :)

Hello girls here is my latest creation. And because it is a children's birthday I decided to do just the children's carrot cake ... Maaaa very tasty!

Many beautiful cake, congratulating the created beauty and these shoes are tiny tip, congratulations for your little girl!

Great cake! And shoes are perfect. Congratulations, pepeleon, for mastery!

Very nice children's cake you create, Petya! I can not check on her!

Thank you, John. This recipe is already do at least the fifth or sixth time. The first time I told my husband that is carrot cake and he told me that he was lying. Really is very tasty, while easy to implement.

Wow kakyv shedyovyr - unique. As a picture - bow

I thought it was fair to upload a photo and the recipe itself after the cake is -Carot cake. Right?

Petya that made her another beauty, bravo!

I am very glad that you like the recipe. And we are love!

John, wonderful creation! Incredible beauty and tenderness!

BRAVO! It is really soft ... Not speaking, it is very delicious, right?

Wow! John, the most sincere congratulations for your next creation! Great decoration and great picture! Bravo!

are unique !! Congratulations John, skilful hands, you can not check on this soft and lovely cake!

Thanks for all the nice words!

For the first cake baking oven heated know in advance? And approximately how much increase baking by adding pineapple?

The oven is preheated. I can not say exactly how much increases the cooking time, when added pineapple. Always bake things eye - try to stick and if not sticky, it's baked. Next time will detect the time and score. I have two identically sized circular baking pans, which are collected together in the oven and roast so the two ponds simultaneously.

Thanks for the quick response.

Petya again its crafted beautiful cake!

Incredibly decorated cakes have here. You are great girls.

Well done, girls! Great decorations do!

Hello happy people for many years. This cake celebrate the New Year ...

Well, maybe to repeat myself, but what I do as are creating such beauty! Petya Bravo!

Wonderful New Year cake! Bravo!

I have it too prepared for the New Year. Was very tasty! Blagobarya recipe!

very beautiful, fine and delicate cake!

Thank you for the nice words, Reni!

added to the cream and cocoa taste became like chocolate truffles.

you Another great idea to decorate this cake :) Well done!

favorite birthday cake, so I thought I would like him :).

sladki64e, ... that's it! Just no words! Incredible fantasy amazing performance!

John wonderful performance.

And can anyone tell me with what diameter is approximately baking pan if it is round, because I do not have a rectangular similar size of those in the recipe?

Emla, is 23 cm baking pan. Baked are 2 separate marshes. I guess you can not izpechesh and more baking pan and a single-crust and then it razrezhesh 2. Good luck and tell whether you liked. Shortly before I saw your question I thought to do this cake that I have not made her :)

I'm sorry for the confusion. EMKA wanted to write. Then a little vague I expressed. I mean, sure can and a cake to be baked in the same pan diameter and then cut into two, but then surely the cooking time will be longer. Or you can izpechesh more pan only one cake and cream can deliver only top. I always do two separate swamps and then put cream between them and the top. Thus it is more juicy.

Thanks for the quick reply :) No problem, everyone can go wrong. I make her try on these days and will write about the result;)

sladki64e, this image of a cake, or is it a picture ?! ;) Congratulations, dear is very beautiful! :)

Thank you, Lirinka! Under the picture is cake;)

Many successful recipe and very well explained everything! Thank you! :)