Layered cake Gifts

Submitted by enr on 16 Sep 2010
9 square ready the base
1 liter cream confectionery
2-3 tbsp yogurt
1-2 cup sugar syrup or compote
250 g butter
150 g of powdered sugar
1.5-2 kg mass modeling
confectionery paints
Layered cake Gifts
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Mix pastry cream until fluffy, add it to yogurt and mix again with a mixer. After adding the yogurt cream becomes very thick, but after further stirring the cream becomes smooth and firm mixture. Place the first brother syrup with sugar syrup or compote and spreadable cream. This is repeated until the seventh put base. Mix the butter with powdered sugar to give a smooth cream. On the fifth base and sides of cake smeared a thin layer of buttercream. The resulting cake is the first box. The other 2 the base is cut into 4 squares and receive 8 smaller the base, as 7 of them repeat everything like a big box: base, syrup, cream and finally the oil cream. The rest piece base is made again 4 smaller. Again the same procedure: base, syrup, cream and butter cream. After about 30 minutes in the refrigerator to harden the butter turns the modeling table in the desired color, rolled and cut to the desired size and placed in boxes. Decoration enjoy various pastry figurines. Place individual boxes stacked in the desired configuration and reshapes arrangement. Modeling mass may be Парено dough - Varna marzipan or another of your choice.
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16 Sep 2010


Merry, congratulations! Beautiful cake. Well done.

Many beautiful cake, bravo!

On such a gift would love everyone. Beautiful and delicious! Applause.

Beauty! Bravo!

Bravo! It's just art. Good for Merry!

Jump was speechless.

Bravo! Delicious cake.

great cake! will tell you how to prepare the modeling table

What about this cake I enjoyed marzipan varna, but soon found much better option than melted in a well-greased with margarine bowl candy marshmallow in mikrovalnovata and then mixed an oily on top with powdered sugar. If mixed with little marzipan Varna became ideyalno work smoothly without tearing and very plastic :)