Layered cake Pavlova

Submitted by enr on 05 Aug 2007
6 egg whites
270 g of powdered sugar
1 tbsp (10 g) cornmeal
1-2 vanilla or a few drops of vanilla essence
1 tsp (5 ml) white vinegar
300 ml cream
fruit of your choice - bananas, kiwi, berries
Layered cake Pavlova
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Egg whites are broken down into hard snow. Gradually add powdered sugar - the scoop by scoop - with continuous stirring until the mixture becomes fully tseluvchenata smooth and sugar dissolves. Add the cornmeal, vinegar and vanilla and stir until they take. In a large, flat pan put foil or baking paper, oil and sprinkle with cornmeal, as what not stick is flicked. On fthe oil marked circle with diameter of 24 cm and a circle pour mixture - with a small spatula center is formed below the edges and smoothed. Bake in preheated 120 C oven for about an hour and a half. Allow to cool completely in the oven. The end result should have a crispy crust and soft inside. cream and stir if not sweet sweetened to taste. Cake smeared with cream and shattered decorated with plenty of chopped fruit.
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05 Aug 2007


Australia and New Zealand argue homeland of Cake *Pavlova* .This cake is named after the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova, who in the 30s of the 20th century was on tour in these countries. source: Culinary journal

Yes, was previously presented in a cooking show on television.

We love this cake in all & # 1117; varieties, but most, when the cream is replaced with ice cream.

did not do well :(. Marshes was bulging and looked very well, but subsequently dropped and flattened sides. Whether as bake oven should not be opened? I repeatedly opened it to pozavartya baking pan.

What is white vinegar Unable you iyabalkov

I used apple cider vinegar, it is white.

T. a. colorless. It's not a color (red) to not stain mixture.

In the second attempt I managed! Very tasty cake! Devoured her about no time, and even a child who does not like sweets you eat with pleasure :).

Great cake out. For the first time I've kisses. I am happy with the result. I added a sponge cake bottom, slightly moist. Next time I'll do a mini Pauline individual serving. Here are some pictures.

sladki64e, you very beautiful cake. Bravo! :)

Melani96, thank you! It has the disadvantage that it requires a lot of time to prepare, eat for a few minutes, and you want to eat more and more :).

Nachupih marshes in individual cups. Little changed blata- put it in chocolate balls and walnuts. It was a rich taste.

How long before holding cake have to assemble and decorate? Can you stand all night?

The cake is assembled before serving, otherwise there is a risk to melt and leak swamps! Light and delicious cake especially suitable for the summer season