Layered cake Stracciatella

Submitted by enr on 27 May 2010
100 g biscuits
90 g butter
2 tbsp powdered chocolate
500 ml liquid sweetened cream
500 g yogurt
1 cup powdered sugar (or to taste)
200 g dark chocolate
3 vanilla
2 packets fixative cream
20 g gelatin
Layered cake Stracciatella
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Digests biscuits mixed with soft butter and chocolate powder to obtain a homogeneous mixture. In covered with baking paper baking dish evenly distributed bishkotenata mixture. With slight pressure forming the base of the cake and leave to cool. The gelatin is soaked in 10 tbsp cold water for 10 minutes and was thawed in a water bath. Yogurt mixed with sugar, vanilla, grated chocolate and slightly cooled gelatine. Mix well. Cream, vanilla, and the two levers on the cream of snow. Carefully to yogurt with cream and stir. The resulting cream is poured into the form, smoothed and leave cold to tightness. The cake is decorated with grated chocolate, chocolate or coconut. cream can be replaced with cream cheese (Philadelphia) or sour cream. Bishkoteniya base can be replaced with ready chocolate base. Before being ousted edge with knife removed the cake from the sides of the form.
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27 May 2010


What delicious proposal. Like me. Bravo. And I think it is slightly, ie going for a summer dessert.

If done with liquid cream, is not so light:-). Rules I have in all possible ways. Even with yogurt. I am of you with the cream and definitely more like a Philadelphia cheese or with yogurt (then really light)

And I really like. Will necessarily make it.

I do not like liquid cream directly as I read the recipe her imagined without it. Goes to favorites and when I prepared to put pictures and evaluation, but now I feel it would be excellent to taste.

I loved the cake, and I would like to do but worry about the gelatin. I've never used gelatin, strange (or funny), but true. Everything else is *my best*, and my taste. I also prefer to liquid sour cream pastry - sour cream has a slightly acidic flavor is divine creams. (I get it and eat straight from the bucket). Will put mark on the cake because it is great, but after you record it in the *Favorites* and hope to make it (despite my *gelatin* woes). Emira Congratulations!

Very good recipe for hot days! Instead I put chocolate strawberries will happen with other fruits. I really did just cream, but I did like cake with cream. Pour the cream into a bowl. On it range goals biscuits (which I liked). After tightening, turn the bowl and serve on crackers crust. With blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cocoa with layer ... And always super :).

I did it with sour cream (lock not use). The basis used cocoa biscuits (instead of ladyfingers). I added a little chopped strawberries and ... just waiting to gel. It is very tasty, light and suitable for the summer, and the strawberries became even more aromatic. All we like. Thank you, melek, for the recipe!

Hey, girls just made it under your influence and I think that was very nice. I put in swamps ground biscuits, a little ground walnuts and ground chocolate. To yogurt I added a little (okolo100ml) cream, 6-7 pc. sliced ​​strawberries and a coffee-cup (as I had) frozen raspberries and chocolate again almost ground. In the refrigerator, but how much will it last?

The cake was very pleasant and mild. I made it with yogurt and cream cheese. Instead I put raspberries strawberries.

Hello girls, I really like this cake for summer sounds great and your comments are very nice. I do have a little vaproscheta - where they put fruit - between marshes and cream or cream you? If you use sour cream puts you latch cream? Thank you for your cooperation :)