Layered cake Tree - BABY

Submitted by enr on 30 Dec 2010
1/2 kozunak roll with vanilla cream
1 L sweetened pastry cream
60 g starch Caramel
2 trays biscuits with cream
50 g butter
2 yolks
150-200 g of sugar
vanilla sugar
150-200 g cocktail cherries
sugar figurines
Layered cake Tree - BABY
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The roll is cut and part of the ranks in a circle in a suitable dish. Spray with compote, syrup, milk. For the cream: 500 ml cream is placed on the stove, without boiling, just warm. 2 yolks are mixed with the sugar and stirred well. Starch was dissolved in 100 ml water (milk or cream 50 ml + 50 ml water) was added to the yolk mixture, stirring well. The resulting mixture was added to the heated and stirred cream thickens. Must be thick cream. Once removed add the butter and vanilla sugar or vanilla. From the cream is put on the rolls. Put the cream on broken biscuits dipped in sweetened milk (can take some of the cream and refill water). Again the cream, biscuits again, add the rest of the roll. Ranks so as to form a cone. The rest of the cream mix well - like foam. Well smeared everywhere and decorate with spray. * Decoration and ornaments are a matter of fantasy. It can also make various shapes like bells, flowers and other marzipan Varna. Or boxes in which there are some wishes for the New Year and is pinned to the tree. * Kozunakto roll can be replaced with croissants with vanilla and chocolate cream and biscuits - with eclairs. I guess that not everywhere will find such biscotti, so I say that it is with eclairs.
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30 Dec 2010


Veseee, well done dear! Beautiful rose :)

Cake is a unique flavor, but did not make me was easy. I never had the biscuits with cream and decided alone to do - bought ready small biscotti and slepih them with chocolate. Bakery products instead of cream used backward panetone (cake without cream :)), but I bought and usually roll with strawberry filling, so I decided to put it on him. So I had a succession of these coverings - rolls, biscuits, panetone. I made cream indicated in the recipe and another chocolate (sour cream and chocolate - no cooking, just mix them). At first the arrangement was going well, but when you try to give height (as tree), his weight turned the word and cake *straddled*. Trying to achieve a good conical shape was just like a swallow - Adhesives bishkotki where I see fit. Despite all my woes cake was highly appreciated. Will certainly use the recipe often (but in standard form). Thank you, BABY, for amazingly delicious cake.

Fabulously beautiful cake very gentle and snow :)! Congratulations!

ELTI this is really the most beautiful tree which Sym seen

Thank you, Desi and Didi, for your kind words.

Elti, cake you become great :) *straddled* probably received more syrup or cream was more rare.And panetone as *loose* .. :) he does not need and syrupy.And another thing, if you do another, passengers with small diameter makes it, can give height and that otherwise you will need more products :):) How did you find the bells?Or them?

O, BABY, thank you. Glad you like it. Last year my light head with this cake and I persesweetd the vision of the original, which sent me :) Chimes itself made them and this man (working elfche) also. The cream I get satisfaction dense but see with syrup I might have overdone. And I put cream and rich, and this may lead to prolapse. But then stay cold longer move. Even the chips were resistant (do not break). Well, He wanted her tall and slender, but became low and thick :). More importantly, it was very yummy.