Layered cake * The tree of Darko *

Submitted by enr on 06 Dec 2010
3 rolls ready
400 g sour cream
400 g yogurt
6 tbsp sugar
2 gelatin (20 g)
2 bananas
1 vanilla
500 g pastry cream
Green paint pastries
5-6 biscotti
different candy for decoration
Layered cake * The tree of Darko *
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In bowl, beat the yogurt, cream, sugar and vanilla cream. Soaked gelatin and melting water bath and add to the cream, which should be at room temperature to not become gelatin thread. Add sliced ​​bananas. Take a large salad bowl and lay in her plastic foil, and if we do not - a plastic bag. Cut the rolls into slices 1 cm thick and with them oblepyame bowl. Pour the cream and arrange again rolls to make the bottom of the cake. We put this in the fridge for at least 4-5 hours to harden well. Subtract it as her turn in big cake plate and remove fthe oil. Top with a little cream attachment of broken biscuits to obtain peak of the tree. In the remaining whipped cream put paint (when I'm not housed confectionery and I enjoyed such eggs) and the resulting green cream smeared cake. Decorate with candy as judge. * I and put candles and because my son's birthday on Christmas Eve.
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06 Dec 2010


Original invented!

Original and easy-BRAVO!

Thank you girls, I'm glad that you liked. For the next day will have to think of different variyant that they came birthdays of children. Small this year will be 2 and should not surprise her.

To ask what rolls more accurate use :)

Rolls your taste from the store. I usually buy a strawberry. In the box are of different companies.