Lazy peppers burek

Submitted by enr on 05 Feb 2011
roasted and peeled peppers
feta cheese
sour cream
# For the top:
grated cheese
Lazy peppers burek
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Peppers are cut and halve. Dip in flour on both sides and arrange in a buttered baking dish, cover tightly by bottom. Top sprinkle crumbled feta cheese, again put a layer of peppers, feta cheese again and so until the peppers. The last layer again put particulate feta cheese. Beat the eggs with salt, add the milk and a small pot of sour cream. Mix everything well. If not prevent the cream from non-fragmented lumps remain. This mixture is poured pod so as to cover them. In several places with a fork and make holes tray is shaken to allow topping to come good between the pod and have it everywhere. Then put the tray to bake in the preheated oven. When everything is tight and has constipation take out tray, grate cheese and return to oven to brown, only to golden brown on top. * All products are tentative, so I have not given precise proportions. * This lazy option I liked a lot. It was very fast and very tasty dish.
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05 Feb 2011


Pepi, great recipe! I loved it! The pictures are great! Put Bookmark

They look very appetizing and the good thing is that they are not fried. Tomorrow will prepare ...

And at home we call them *lazy*. We make this dish usually in this season, with roasted peppers canned because more difficult to fill with a mixture of cheese and egg. Fast, easy, delicious! New to me is the milk, cream and cheese and will use this option. Will become even more delicious. Pepa, thank you reminded me!

Desi, thank you dear. Will be glad if you appeal and pepper to taste :)
STELKINA, exactly what is the advantage of these peppers - not fried. Will be glad if you appeal to you :)

Ina and I were done with peppers from the freezer, roasted and peeled, but were broken and there was a - between them tiny and so was born the idea for this dish. Of milk and cream become - juicy and not stay dry and cheese gives a unique taste and appearance as it is baked on top. Thank you for your kind evaluation. From chef like you, it means a lot to me :)

Pepi, as several times back to the recipe, especially appetizing photos -reshih make them today. I can pour half a liter of milk and three eggs ... that would be good? Crisp me up and down as your ...

Desi, but you're very fast :) I think you can put and 4 eggs, but milk is such that the mixture, as submerge peppers almost to the roof, but not bodily (but I explained it , but hopefully only me understand)

Super recipe! I roast them in the oven, but I was playing trustable stuffed peppers, now will make them that way. Put evaluation, because I believe the combination of these products is perfect.

milena75, thank you for the evaluation :) Hope you like and taste.

Oh, I'm not fast by dropping off a hundred times by watching your photos I like peppers burek, but I rarely do that great toy falls. But your recipe is perfect for me! Thanks Pepi. I found you!

Desi laughed me with this sweet ruffled :) I am glad that I have been helpful. In fact, I rarely did before peppers - burek, because it is very tricky job, but is quick and easy.

It was gorgeous cakes and pepper sauce with Cheese! This is already my recipe for roasted peppers! Except not put cheese on top, last night proved that I was done. Thanks Pepi that share it. Not upload photos that were not very successful ...

Desi, I am very glad that you enjoyed the peppers. And that becomes your favorite flatter me even more. Thank you sweetie confidence and evaluation. But there's nothing to thank me, after all we are here to share good recipes :)

Very tasty get ... But very tasty. I have no pictures because it stirred little sweetheart (I cut the peppers into chunks. Put and evaluation.

Pepi, still decided to place an image to see me how you get ... I hope you like the picture :)

Desi is a great picture :) looks very appetizing :)

i4eto3421, thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed the peppers and you were tasty :)

automatically go to favorites, all with peppers our favorite ...!

lqna, hope you like it :)

Very tasty! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Super recipe. Do them in a similar way, but with chopped peppers, with the difference that I have not put cheese on top, but so will try.

Yesterday we did and peppers were gorgeous. Thanks for the nice and delicious recipe!

I put Olic assessment, but something I can not fix it.

hristiana, I'm glad you enjoyed the peppers. Thank you for the evaluation and trust :)
siagrus, will be glad if you and so appeal, but really gives the cheese a very pleasant taste and appearance crust :)

milena1717, do me very happy. Glad you were tasty.

Nice and easy recipe. And if someone wants to put you and salamche between the lines and some tomato juice. Tasty it.

great recipe :)

springrain, I'm glad you liked the peppers are and thank you for the idea of ​​salamcheto. Really is a great idea for those who prefer meat :)
radinka_isp, thank you for the confidence and evaluation :)

Now it's in the oven. Then you will get a picture ...

I became great. Just these peppers will become a frequent guest on our table ... :)

dudeslavka, I'm glad peppers you hit it, and that it will prepare them again makes me very happy. Thank you for your assessment and I trust :)

made them tonight, became very quickly and are really great! To be more *lazy* maybe next time will cut them and I like Ivv pieces and mix everything in the pan.

milena75, thank you for the trust :) Glad you were tasty :)

Girls seem magical! Now it is in the oven, I made a little change, due to lack of cream, and say how it happened! The rating is clear - very good!

They became great, thank you send a picture :)

Atlantida, I'm glad you enjoyed the peppers :)
luda_jaba, and without cream will still rise. I hope to taste you may like.

pepolina, became great your dish without cream. Stir the milk with a little yogurt + eggs and has a magical taste. Naturally, with spices experiment at will. Thanks for the idea again.

luda_jaba, thank you for your trust. I am happy that you liked the soup :)

I also made it without cream and became surprisingly delicious!

leptir, I'm glad you enjoyed the peppers and I was delicious :)

I did everything exactly the recipe and I shaped like a cake. Extremely useful and very tasty recipe!

lu4a, marvelous are your peppers become :) Thank you for your confidence and evaluation :)

Pepi, prepared them again yesterday. This time I used all the products of the recipe and became even more delicious. Much yummy!

Desi me so much happy with these comments, but still - it's good recipe you like :) and your photos are very nice :) Thank you dear heart!

Oooobicham peppers byureeeeeek :)

VERY tasty. I made them exactly the recipe sounded a lot, as if trying to get out of the baking pan. I took them from the stove and ... inflated dropped. As we eat is very fluffy, like a omelette. Thank Pepa for wonderful idea! Next time I'll put cottage cheese and other cheese-will write again what happened.

akva7, I'm glad you liked the peppers are and especially that you were delicious :) I'll look forward to share what happened with cottage cheese and other cheeses, will assume will be very aromatic.

Great became

Zoritooo, I'm glad you enjoyed the peppers. Blagozarya you for the evaluation and trust :)

I have no words! Became super - and look and taste! Today will do them for the second time this week.

Many superlatives have for this recipe, you must try in soon! And really I am too lazy to do them in the original way :) Congratulations on filming desislava_pm, straight lusted after me.

i_gencheva62, thank you for your kind words. So very glad that you liked the recipe, and what they're for a second time a week can only make me happy :)