Mini quiche Chorizo ​​

Submitted by enr on 27 Mar 2013
200 g chorizo ​​sausage
200 g potatoes (1 large)
150 g hard cheese or parmesan cheese
6 eggs
1 tbsp sunflower oil
salt and pepper
# For garnish:
100 g cream processed cheese (to taste as desired)
2 tbsp mayonnaise
feathers green onions
Mini quiche Chorizo ​​
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Cut the chorizo ​​and potatoes into very small cubes, heat the oil and put the chorizo ​​for 2-3 moments to fry and to release the fat, add the potatoes and fry until potatoes are ready - try them. Pour on kitchen paper to drain the fat and little poizstinat. Greased his cake shapes (you can use spray oil) and the bottom of each place in squeezing half grated cheese. Distribute chorizo ​​and potatoes in trays. Beat the eggs nice, Salt to taste, add a pinch of black pepper (optional and can put cayenne pepper or any seasoning to your taste) and Layer with ladle on trays - do not fill the trays brim. Place each cake in half by squeezing cheese and put bake in preheated 170C oven for 20-25 minutes. During this time you beat a blender mayonnaise and processed cheese, put the mixture in a syringe or a plastic bag with cut tipped. Remove kishchetata leave slightly poizstinat and then each make 1 roses mayonnaise mixture and garnish with finely chopped onion feathers. * Taste of omelet, but baked in the oven, can be used for appetizer or a light dinner with a proper salad.
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27 Mar 2013


delicious meals! And with boiled potatoes that will (do not want to fry a lot)? And in great shape because I have small?

BlueCarame-Experiment kind and then share here what we received that it izprobvame..tova saw it in Youtube and decided to share it and can really experiment with the recipe. I'll wait to share if you decide to do

mamcheto61 - interesting and probably very tasty appetizer (fries if there is exactly howling taste). It becomes for your dish. I like the idea of ​​individual portions. BlueCaramel-right - experimentation. In your idea will become a sort of version of shepherd's pie. I've done a small rectangular baking dish. Including rules and I finished puree (potato flour) and stuffed sausages. It becomes a delicious seasoned with masaltse, pepper and spices according to taste and season.

I forgot to ask - what melted cheese use to thicken the mayonnaise? I am wondering how to compressed deserted home mayonnaise. I have asked in forums and the world could not think of how. I use starch thickener or even cream. Abroad mayonnaise sold in plastic bottles with a special cap is cut in the shape of a star and injection molding becomes insanely my personal and mayonnaise is thick enough and stands exactly as it is in your photos. Thank you for the idea and the hint! :)

CVETETO3101 I use smoked mayonnaise jars, it is thick and melted cheese put siren where in boxes -Child call them cream cheese-use Bulgarian flavored chicken, mushrooms or ham-cheese they use and I do the chicken with melted cheese or svinsko..ako no such use one rendered soft Cheese-buy them from Kaufland -'ll put a link to a photo with these Cheese copy it and get it open to see them http: // prikachi. com / images / 121 / 6109121T.jpg

Marianka, dear! Thank you heartily for your photos and your labor! It is really different to see the products. Frankly, none of them I tried. Buy plain mayonnaise Krassi or Pagusa from Lidl. A rendered Cheese - the most different: smoking Josi, triangles of Hohland. Will try on your board. How melting them - self Cheese and then you add the mayonnaise or mayonnaise them melting + melted cheese together? Hello and thank you again! :)

Do not melt at all-they are like cream and break a blender or wire with mayonnaise become fluffy cream. And when you use them for chicken or pork with melted cheese smash them with hot sauce dish. I use them for 4-5 years and am very pleased. Of these little Cheese has various-flavored Gouda cheese of cheddar, fresh onions, ham, natural-I take from all species and depends on the case use them.

even here the recipe first picture is exactly the mayonnaise and of a Cheese with mushrooms.

Marianka, dear - a big bunch of flowers (albeit virtual) for you from me for your detailed explanation of this technology! It was very helpful that explanation. Many, thank you very much! Be healthy and smiling! Hello! :)

Thank you flowers, I try to help her and other da you explain it in detail or see a picture. I wish you health and success.