Mousse with champagne

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2009
1 ready thin cake base
3 tbsp water
300 ml sparkling wine
300 ml cream
2 egg whites
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp gelatin
# For decoration:
30 g melted dark chocolate
1 cigar box or thin biscuits
fresh or frozen red fruits
From baking paper cut strips 2 cm higher than the walls of the bowls, that will be used. Wrapping the exterior walls bowls. Fasten with a rubber band. Of the base are cut round with a diameter of the bowl. Put on the bottom. Can be syrupy liqueur or coffee. On the walls of the bowl are arranged cigar or fragments of biscuit. Gelatin was dissolved in cold water and after 2 minutes is put to melt in a water bath and add half of the sugar and champagne. Cream and stir it to put the gelatin mixture. Whip foam, add the remaining sugar and crash of thick snow. Mix with cream part. Musat poured into bowls to 1 cm above the edge of the bowl. Cool for about 2 hours and carefully peel off the baking paper and removed from the bowls. Decorate with red fruits, chocolate and sugar pearls.
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23 Jul 2009