Vienna muffins

Submitted by enr on 04 Feb 2009
175 ml milk
70 g melted margarine or butter
1 yolk
pinch of salt
60 g sugar
5 g of dry yeast
400 g flour
1 vanilla
poppy sprinkling
Vienna muffins
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From all products smooth dough is kneaded. Leave to rise for 1 hour. The dough is divided into 12 beads. Each bead stretch of elongated mekichka that turns cigar, bent on bagel and put in a pan with baking paper. Rise for 20-30 minutes. Spread the beaten whites, sprinkle with poppy. Bake at 160-170 C until golden - about 15 minutes. In muffins can put and filling - chocolate delight and walnut jam, poppy or walnut filling. I do without filling them with delight and walnut, with chocolate. Sprinkle top with sugar because they love poppy.
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04 Feb 2009


Rennie yesterday and I watched this recipe and was threatening to do today. I think those Viennese buns, which sold them many years ago were not stuffed and without poppy seed.

Olga, to - were not full! These are much better (especially with chocolate ... )Very difficult to handle (I) with kneading - but this recipe is so accurate that I deal with it - already 3 times beat them.

Today me lazy, but tonight will probably do them. And also I'm not too much on test. What about the striped buns? Is it easy to do?

From the perspective of a man who has two left hands - this dough is very very easy going and very fluffy and smooth. Ticked I did only 2 times.

It is high time I make them. And it will be tomorrow for breakfast.

Make them no wrong. They are easy and delicious. I'm doing them with cheese and sprinkled with caraway and sweet stuffing sprinkled with Sahara.

Today I made them on behalf of my son with nothing and when he returned from work fill them with chocolate. So there are a lot of chocolate inside. A much better option.

Zlatina straight double dose mess.

scones look great, but I have a question for the experts who may be dumb, but for me it is not. Can dough to cook dinner and bake in the morning? And if you like it out of the refrigerator, do not wait for him to rise or to curl more night ... or ...? Off, so many things I do not understand ... Excuse me!

Reni, very tasty buns were received! Thanks for the recipe!

Naxos, kneading his dough evening and put it in the refrigerator. In the morning remove it, Move, left him to rise and, forming rolls that remain to rise. Maggie, I'm glad that you liked the buns!

Thank you for your answer tomorrow will report what are the fruits of my labor and the views of consumers.

her so much love this recipe, it has to do because it is economical, delicious and when I do not do interfere directly in the bakery dough :)

They are very good, even for the last became a scandal. It was a rehearsal. Next time, a double dose.

my favorite buns! ... I'm so glad I found this recipe. :)
Do them with little delight and slice the dough into triangles. And every time I was about to do a double dose because disappear in no time! :)

Great I received. However, put 200ml. milk and kneaded the dough in baking. Became quite soft and it was done in the bakery doomesih it with a little flour to him out bubbles. So fluffy buns I had not eaten, such as cotton are, for the first time do by the way :). Thanks for the recipe :)

If you miss the sugar in the dough and put salt stuffing guess I'll get. Has anyone tried this?

I often do these buns. As home prefer them with salt stuffing usually do make cheese and eggs, as strictly abide recipe. Nezavesimo of stuffing always put sugar in the dough.

Again I received but sweet - salty. So maybe no sugar, a matter of taste.

are wonderful and very mekichki. I made them with chocolate and Turkish delight.

These are the most delicious rolls I've tried! Ometto were still warm. :)I coated them with yolk instead of protein and sugar sprinkled on top. I made various combinations with filling - one: black chocolate cake, nuts and raisins; other: coconut chip with nuts and raisins. The second option it greased the top with butter and dipped in the top of the coconut shavings. All types were super! Photographs.