Poached eggs with tomatoes

Submitted by enr on 07 Oct 2009
800 g - 1 kg tomatoes (maybe canned)
4-6 eggs
200 g feta cheese
4-5 tbsp chutney optional
parsley, basil
Poached eggs with tomatoes
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Tomatoes Peel , cut into small pieces or shred and sauté in a pan with a little olive oil or sunflower oil. Optional can add a few tablespoons chutney. Boil until tomatoes posgastyat. Add crumbled feta cheese and cover Tap the eggs. Pan was capped for about 2-3 minutes and the dish is ready. If you wish for a more hard-boiled eggs boiling lasts for 5-6 minutes. The eggs are served sprinkled with parsley, basil or other herbs to taste.
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07 Oct 2009


My husband often makes them - and quite a lot of other spices. Dish for a lot;-) Your pictures are very tasty:-)

Thank Rally :)

Very tasty and easy!

This recipe is known in our family! It is really very tasty and different from the traditional poached eggs. In addition only - I Fry the tomatoes with a bunch of fresh green onions.

try it today for lunch quickly and we like and I zaparzhih first little sausage. Thanks for the idea I had not thought of it :)

Very tasty camp. Made them with tomato juice bottle, but thickish. I put dried basil.

Surely it would be very nice, today I think I'll try it.

twice already I made this dish - once with fresh tomatoes, and sometimes preserved. With fresh happened where-where better! Otherwise, the recipe is very nice.

By looking at the pictures makes me feel like eating. As soon will prepare it.

Today prepared eggs in this recipe. Were very tasty.

I really liked those poached eggs, they are great!

Thank you, really quick and tasty - just working girls :)

I just ate and prepared in January. I loved it. Next time we will prepare it for the whole family. By itself added savory.

put in sauce and melted cheese, it was divine.

I am glad that the dish you like :)

Maaaaa, very very tasty summer dish. Tomorrow will be jerked. From when I eat yaytsaaa, collected saliva only. Bravo for the recipe.

Wonderful recipe - fast, light and very tasty.

Super! In slazhih sauce and 1/2 grated potato to not sour me and ... maaaa- ate his sweet, sweet. Apparently that's what I was eating!

Last night I tried the recipe is really easy and delicious :)

It was very tasty put only one tablespoon of chutney

Very easy and simple recipe, but so tasty dish ... I added just a little onion and savory. Congratulations for the great idea! :)

Thank you, we can always add new ideas until a new dish :)

Very tasty and very easy dish! Thanks for the recipe :)

Easy, fast and delicious! I did it with a jar and a half homemade tomato and basil and parsley in addition, added and savory. Thanks for the recipe!

Very fast and easy, and an extremely tasty. I added tomato sauce slightly savory, onion and garlic. Will surely do chestichko when there is nothing to eat.

Reni, Chrissi, Katya, I'm glad that you like the dish - quick, easy and tasty :)

Quick, easy and delicious! :)