Mung bean with tomato and pepper

Submitted by enr on 06 Jan 2011
200 g mung bean (wild beans, bird beans)
1 onion or leek
1 red pepper
2 tomatoes or tomato paste
1 carrot
sunflower oil
red pepper, mint, lovage , parsley, salt
Mung bean with tomato and pepper
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Soak mung bean of the evening. Boil and antifoaming, as is done with ordinary beans. Discard water, rinse and pour in fresh water. Add the onion, the oil and red pepper. When it begins to soften, add salt, grated tomatoes and paprika. Finally put green spices. Mung bean is kidney bean - bird beans bebridzha. Cook like beans or lentils.
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06 Jan 2011


Christina, please clarify what *mung bean* and possibly how it looks.

I guess it is a kind of bean

mung bean is a kidney bean. It is also known as *bird beans* or bebridzha.

mung bean is a kind of wild beans (beans bird). Cook like beans or lentils.

I hail from Petrich and there is this kind of bean is grown as ordinary beans he kafenichkav look and is very tasty and very small and there is so called mung bean.

mung bean is *popular* name for the type of legume. Agronomists call Vigna. Institute in Sadovo cultivated variety growing in Bulgarian conditions - vigna *Christ.*

A little clarification. Beans are white with small black spots in the *core* of the kidney.

black-eyed peas, Augenbohnen, bebrudzha :) There topic :) mom was also picked up on it after I said that it would cooked beans and lentils like ate :)

Last night I cooked our harvest. It is very tasty. Unfortunately May never be sold in the shops.