Pancakes with zucchini and cheese

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2013
1 cup grated and drained zucchini
2 cup milk
2 eggs
1 cup flour
2 tbsp chopped parsley
1/2 cup grated cheese
1 tsp baking powder
pepper, salt
Pancakes with zucchini and cheese
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Grate the zucchini, lightly salted and placed in a strainer to drain the water. In a bowl break the eggs first. They add flour with baking powder, grated cheese, drained zucchini, salt, pepper, parsley and milk. The mixture is covered and stored in the refrigerator for about an hour, but can be used immediately. If is very condensed, make more milk. Heat a greased, non-stick coated pan over medium heat. Pour the mixture and fry the pancakes until golden on both sides. * From this quantity products are 8 pancakes (where the diameter of the pan - 25 cm).
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08 Jun 2013


Very appetizing.

great offer, Reni! :)

Ivalina, Pepi, thanks :) The pancakes are really delicious :)

My pancakes are almost ready -very tasty and light! I serve them with yogurt. Reni how you're bringing?

Miroslava very glad that you liked! I so I filled them as the photo-cheese and tomato. I think yogurt would be appropriate :)

Rennie, a very interesting option of pancakes will necessarily try them :)

Villas, try them, you will not regret it :) becomes very fresh with zucchini :)

I am very glad of this recipe! Years ago I made such pancakes salty cake, but I lost the recipe. And now I can not remember what it was exactly the cream, which they anoint themselves, but I guess that was the basis of yogurt or cream cheese, garlic and dill. Next week will gather with a company of a villa and I know what will be my contribution to the appetizers. For decoration I use walnuts and olives.

flipped her immediately! Thank Reni! :)

Milena, and I thought for salt cake when I started to do them :) but because we have not tried these pancakes, I decided to abstain :) Now, when it became clear that they were delicious, and I can to do. I'll wait to share what you've done for cream cake :)

CVETETO3101, hope you like it :)

Reni, pancakes are great !!I added and crumbled cheese! Bravo for the recipe! :)

Thanks, Nelly :) Great are served! Look very appetizing! Cheese is a good idea, and I will do so :)

Rennie, the recipe I loved it! These days, when I am less busy, and I'll do. Will upload and photos;)

Manuela, I'm sure you will not be disappointed :) I'll wait for the reviews (and pictures) :)

mimetics, great picture! I hope you are men like them :)

Great pancakes! :)

Pepi, I'm glad that you made them and even more glad that you liked! Great given it them!

Ivalina, well you look pancakes! Wonderfully arranged them! (Sorry, only now you see photo) :) I were done again-this time with a filling of cream cheese. Finished in no time :)

Reni, look very tempting! :) Next time I will prepare sulfur cream !! :)

Thank you, Nelly :) Great food fell :) :)

Reni pancakes are gorgeous, I made them a snack and already done :)

Villas, very glad that you liked :) And home cum very quickly :)

join the applause! Thanks Reni! Prepared them and the result is excellent. Even I was surprised, because for the first time make pancakes with zucchini and thought will become thicker. Received exactly as wrote Reni - 8 pieces - thin, openwork, elastic and very tasty. I strongly recommend them to all who have so far postponed testing this recipe! We ate them with sheep's milk yogurt cold - m-m-m-smack! :)

CVETETO3101, many thanks for the nice words! Do you admit I was surprised by the results :) I became very interested when I saw the recipe and decided that you should do them :)

Villas, how much color in your picture ... very, very tasty! :)

Thanks Pepi! :)

Villas, gorgeous picture! Makes me doyadoha :)

Thank Reni, very delicious, all who tried them liked, so I'll do them often :)

Great pancakes! Currently Eat them for appetizer! :)

I am glad that you are happy with appetizer :) :)

Reni, incredibly delicious! I have long been thrown desire (May to be told Burgas) ...

Manuela, wonderfully arranged them! I am glad that you liked :) And of Gabrovo says so :) :)

Today I have prepared them again, but something went wrong, why ... I do not know. Quick browning on both sides and in the middle remained raw. All samples: put the flour, pour milk, increasing and decreasing the power of the stove ... Were still delicious, but I can not explain why this happened

Ivalina, sorry, that has received so (: I make them often and has never happened to me to remain raw. I do not believe you can zucchini was not well drained (even if it is, after you add another meal, everything should be fine). The only thing I can suggest is that you cheese made problem. I have come across such that after heat treatment going on ... nothing.

Hello! Today did palanchinkite just super and very light zya eat. Thanks for the delicious recipe.

Petya, I am very pleased that you enjoyed the pancakes :)

Many were delicious. Courgettes are really interesting supplement!

Gergana, I'm glad that you liked you :)

This time I filled them as pancake cake :) cream of cottage cheese and mayonnaise, ovkusih it with salt, dill, pepper and a little garlic. Decked with grated cheese and peas.

Reni is perfect! Very gentle and very stylish!

Thank you, Willy! I wanted to offer pancakes differently (often do them and already exhausted my ideas for arranging) :)

At our favorite savory pancakes! Today I made dose and half and put the mixture in addition parsley and dill ...Damn delicious :)

Manuela, very appetizing photograph these pancakes ... thank that reminded me of this delicious meals! :)

Manuela, congratulations for the photo! Wonderful are served! And home much like pancakes :)

Pepi, Reni;) Nothing to say more pancakes, I am pleased that image you loved it :)