Pappardelle with chicken and mushrooms in the oven

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2010
7 Pappardelle pasta (about 180 g)
2 chicken breasts
300-400 g mushrooms
200 ml milk
150 ml cooking cream
1 Maggi fix a baked pasta with ham and cheese
50 g butter
50 g cheese
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 vegetable bouillon
salt, pepper
Pappardelle with chicken and mushrooms in the oven
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Chicken meat is cut into small pieces and seasoned with soy sauce. Mushrooms cut in large pieces. Papardelite Boil gently in vegetable broth and put in greased pan. In the butter fry chicken and mushrooms and add to papardelite. Mix milk, 150 ml water, cream and fixes. Mix. Salt with salt and pepper and bring it to the boil, stirring. The resulting mixture is poured papardelite. Stir and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake 40 minutes at 200 C in a preheated oven.
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09 May 2010


Mmmm, imagine how delicious ... with a crunchy salad, cherished:-) I put in favorites will be done soon.

Soon the Pappardelle with mince and obsession with baked pasta bolognese. Quite often prepare Pappardelle oven. Fast, easy and very tasty:-)

What is *Pappardelle*?

Pappardelle pasta-type eggs. its shape is: wide strips paste rolled into a ball, which when boiled develop.

See here - at Covo pasta (pasta nests): Паста - Types :-) There's them and without eggs and exist without gluten, dark flour, etc. We personally eat more talyatelle that are everywhere and there are bio-production, while papardelle need to go to shop more so;-) At least to me here is ...