Pinto beans

Submitted by enr on 24 Mar 2014
500 g brown beans
500 g white beans
2 large carrots
2 green peppers
3 onions
piece of celery
1 cup crushed tomatoes
paprika, cayenne pepper, to tip of a knife ground cloves, savory, oregano, salt
Pinto beans
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Beans soak for several hours in cold water, rinse and boil in new water. When it boils, he puts olive oil and chopped onion, red pepper and hot, savory, oregano and cloves. Boil quietly to almost complete softening of the beans. When the beans is only hrupav, put carrots and peppers, cut into small cubes and celery, grated. Simmer for about 15 minutes. When the beans are completely cooked, add the tomatoes and salt and allow to simmer for 15-20 mintuti them. Before serving well to cool once, and then to warm slowly, this allows the flavors to develop well. * Quantities are many out a full saucepan of 5 liters. Anyone can fit them according to the needs and to combine the flavors as they like. I always put a pinch of cloves of beans and lentils, this gives a very warm flavor without distinguishes between other flavors
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24 Mar 2014


I already signed the recipe, but I'm glad that share it here! Next time I will grated celery and put cloves. Everything else I do like you. Image is very delicious, and taste I know it's great.

Milenka, to share how you liked it :)