Pizza pie 6 minutes

Submitted by enr on 15 Apr 2014
4-5 tbsp cream equal - from thick
4 tbsp mayonnaise
2 eggs, salt
9-10 full tbsp flour
50-60 g firm feta cheese
70 g grated ham or skinless sausage
vegetables of your choice - 50 g and 50 g olives, mushrooms or other
1 tomato for decoration
ketchup and colorful salt or spices to your taste
cheese for sprinkling
Pizza pie 6 minutes
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Mix the eggs with mayonnaise and cream. Previously well the eggs are broken slightly. Add the flour in a spoon. The mixture, which is to be obtained as a smooth cream is not a liquid but more dense than this cake. Divide dough into 2 parts. In a hot pan and moderately oiled pour half the batter. Top arrange vegetables, skinless sausage or ham, the condition is at the top the feta cheese. If you want less pressure to get into the composition of the dough. Bake for about 6 minutes. Reduce fire is weak. Put a lid on top. If you can first bake the dough from both sides, then add the vegetables, but I think that vegetables will boil and cover for this time. * I even added curd tomato paste and minced meat. * This is an interesting interpretation. Invented is to eat quickly. Becomes ready in about 5-6 minutes. The products are about 2 * * pizza-pies in a pan of 26 cm. Actually you can make cookies and products. Only change ingredients or add your favorites.
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15 Apr 2014


because I add info will probably be wondering. By putting the dough in the pan should be spread out a thin pancake, then immediately add the vegetables and cheese last. But if you want you burn for five minutes and then the base stack the vegetables with seasoning sauce as desired. Might add that the dough is divine mekichko of mayonnaise and it seems that flowed, but it is just as moist. At least to me were received 2 pieces, thin and put them on top curd tomato sauce, a little sausage, brown olives, cheese. Zahlupih and everything happened. Underneath get golden brown and the top of the lid only bake their own. Added and savory dough. Hope you like it!

cream what is? Tablespoon of flour. spoons - equal to the peak you are?